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I can't seem to pay attention in yoga and do what everyone else does at the same time.

I guess I really follow the beat of a different drummer!

We went for a wonderful walk this morning. I got up early, it wasn't even seven yet I don't think.

It was a beautiful view as the sun rose!Stunning actually!Heavy frost coded all the altar branches, bringing the layers of foliage into view. I went out and walked a bit and came back in and Willem was up so he and I went for a walk down to the bridge.

Willem moved the chairs from one side of the road to the other, so we can watch a new view, one of tall grasses and just a few bits of trees.

Willem dropped me off at yoga and went and did a few of his own errands. I had a hard time staying focussed in yoga. I was focussed on my body, which is sort of what she's teaching us to do. And I would move into stretching parts of my body that weren't necessarily what she was teaching us. I find she spends a lot of time between telling us to get to the wall and actually having us do something there. In fact, by the time I get to the wall and wait for her to tell us what to do, or to start doing it, my back hurts. It would be nice not to have to spend so long standing up. However, I suppose that's part of the draw, standing instead of just sitting, and likely because we do too much sitting.

The doctor I saw the other day contacted the clinic at with that referral again. So it looks like it's been a year since the referral to the pain clinic. In that time I've had my hips replaced and my broken foot. Actually, the referral was not just last February. That was a follow up after a referral was supposedly made long before. In fact, when I was phoned about my hip appointment, I thought that was my back appointment. So anyway, my hips are done and now we're moving onto my back. That's a good thing.

My ex mother-in-law used to get a shot once a year that would make her back perfect. But still, she didn't go to the barn chores.

Willem picked me up from yoga and we headed to Ottawa where we are picking up my new car! It sure smells a lot but I have all those windows to let down with that button. I really like having automatic windows. It's probably better to have manual ones, because then you have to do something, exercise your arms. However, my shoulder is getting more seized up. I have to remember to stretch it frequently. I should get a referral for physio for my back. And my shoulder.

We found the bank so that they would allow the debit for the price of the car, and bought our car! I Telya, I didn't feel like going home! It's like my house right there. I have a real love for my car! The last three cars have all been Toyota matrix is. It's very comfortable for me. It fits my body. It's also nice and clean! Bonus!

I too told about in Ottawa, shopping in Lincoln fields and looking at the shops on Bank Street. I didn't have my handicap sticker so I had to pay for parking. Ouch!

So we are supposed to get snow tonight for two hours. I don't think there's any more snow coming, but if it deep freezes with that snow, that will be quite interesting. The first snowfall on warm ground is always very slippery. A bad situation.

I stopped at giant tiger on the way home to see what they had in the way of curtains. I really like Priscilla's but nobody sells them anymore. I think you have to make your own!

The six panels that I got from the dollar store, which are way overpriced. Compared to giant Tiger which have very low prices comparatively.

I had a nice drive home, enjoying one so I had gotten off of the main road. We live in such a beautiful area.

I love my home. It's strange that it's gotten so much bigger. 14 feet bigger to be exact. It's amazing what you can do that, change your home in that manner.

I sent some Stroop waffles home to my little girl. I hope in general she's eating Stroop waffles now. It's hard to tell, because people's food choices change so much. I need to go back off sugar and chocolate.

So it's 4:38 PM. Imagine having gone to Ottawa and back in that amount of time. I never did get to my knitting and fibre arts. Alas.

I really enjoy sitting and writing in my journal. I should probably go down for another walk. We're going to have a deep-freeze soon. This is my last chance! I think it's been +8 or something. It's going to -10 tonight!

Willem went to the dump, but I still have a car! I feel free! I am free to be here at home, but if things happen, I can go elsewhere. What a wonderful change!

I can't believe it's dark outside. It was dark at four. And we still have another month and a half till Christmas! It'll be dark at three. Well, it does make stargazing much easier!

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