Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


What a great day I had today!

I had to be at Lidas for 8 cos of her dentist appointments. Maya was overnight with Her Auntie.

So Desmond and I went to the grocery store and to Canadian tire. We had a good time making cookies. It was really hard to do, cos Desmond was all over the place with his agenda in the kitchen. The end of the matter was I put too much baking soda in the batter. It was a large batch. Bummer.

When Lida came home, I went to the grocery store and replenished the ingredients for oatmeal cookies and dropped them off.

I went over to the library and watched and filmed them playing hide and seek and sent it to another grandchild.

We all walked down the street together and ate at a local restaurant. It was nice to be out with Desi and mommy. Desi was so happy I had come along!

I had avacado and tomatoes with basilI made cookies to replace the ones I'd put too much baking Soda in the batter.

Scarlett had Maya so I took lots of photos of them.

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