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It was cold this morning when I woke up.

Willem had already left for Michaels where he will be for four days, after saying a quick goodbye. The stove had a few calls out the back. I pulled them forward, cleared the ashes out from the flu, and put the logs in with the door ajar and the chimney open. In a few minutes is had all caught fire. I shut it down and then after everything out so I did before I left the house, I added another log. I guess this is what Willem was talking about, that when you put a login and don't leave it wide open into the nights, it's smoulders. By the time I got home at 6:30, the woodstove window was all black.

I tidied up before heading out to the lower land and sitting on Streamside porch swing.

It's so lovely there. It's also lovely to be there on a bright sunny cold and frosty November morning. I felt so grateful for my blessings. Of all the places I've been, of all the nature I've seen, this area is just the best. Some of the best is not on my property, but this whole area is still the best!

When I arrived, dizzy and Maya we're playing in the bedroom making a cave out of blankets over them selves. It was so sweet to see them. Of course crime, I had to find them when they were in there cave! It's so much fun to play with grandchildren!

I brought a hat that was missing flowers, The yellow daffodil flowers that look a little washed up, which is generous to say, and The glue gun and glue sticks were in the bag with them; we put them on the hat.

I worked the glue gun, and he worked the flowers. We had a nice time doing it. And then we sat at the table while he ate his popsicle, and I showed him how to weave with birchbark. I showed him how we took one flat piece of Birch bark and turned it into a basket. That was very neat.

After he had his popsicle, he was not so common anymore. He got pretty restless and hyper.

It's wonderful to see how much he and Maia love me. I just love that Maia will turn to me and reach your hands up. I just feel so wonderful being a part of her life!

Desmond gets very quiet and loving and sits on my lap. He also tells me he loves me. That's so sweet. I just love this role I get to play in life now. It's so rewarding.

I brought along some quinoa and some chopped kale, both are frozen. At lunchtime, I heated them up for Lida and me. I don't remember if Maia liked it or not. It's got a very pleasant flavour I find.

The afternoon got more chaotic. Desmond was just surveying and yelling and ending up having timeouts. I think it's the sugar. I think it just rub some up for a couple of hours.

Jesse came in the car with me and we drove around looking for leaves. He fell sleep in no time. I gathered up leaves in the trailer and then met mommy at the babysitters. He was fast asleep as well as Maya. I'm glad he was in my car so he could fall sleep. I am so blessed they live so close to me.

I took my leaves home, and drove around the moat depositing them side-by-side beginning at Willem's garden. I had just turned around with the trailer when I received a request from someone with car trouble. So I went away and enjoyed my time driving from here to there and to subway for salad and back home again.

Willem's dash lights aren't working. I wonder if it's a fuse. The back lights aren't working either. Maybe. it's another fuse?

I have the fire going and the house is nice and tidy, and I have the chairs are the girls around the fire. I like it this way.

I've already eaten so there's nothing I really need to do to take care of myself. I went to round out on the deck and moved a chair around. I'm trying to decide where I want that glass table. It's for a jack. Maybe I could use it in the house for work table to do baskets on. I could do that at the end of the living room.

I've been watching Longmire lately on Netflix. It's a wonderful show. It's all in very good taste, with a country western setting in Wyoming. I really love the small towns, especially because I've been there.

I like sitting here by the fire. It's a very nice place, and makes my feet very warm. I guess I should make a cuppa tea.

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