Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


Willem comes home this morning, He's been chilling with Michael while MJ is in SLC at a wedding.

They've been having a lot of fun together. Eating junkfood, taking science.

The fire needs stoking but the thought of getting all dressed and going outside for heavy firewood is offputting. My back still hurts from yesterday.

The sunrise means that snow and freezing rain due at noon are on their way!The birds are busy outside the windows. The raccoons came night before last. I guess they aren't hibernating yet. They got into the metal bin, took the cover off and just ate out of the barrel.

Well that didn't show really! I got bundled up and went outside with my walker and loaded it up with firewood. I rolled it around and came in with it through the main front doors. The cooled off woodstove with its ashes, which then went into the ashes bucket. I'm not sure about dumping it! Maybe I should put it on the walker and head out with it. I loaded it up with cardboard and paper before piling wood in on top of it. I lit the paper all along the front and then pushed the door ajar. I just can't burn birchbark! It's just too important. So I slip my fingers in between the park and Cambrian layer, and gently pulled it apart.See, now I have a piece of bark to make something out of!

Closing it down now! Do I really have to clean up this big mess now, too?

I want to go roll up those fabric now before the snow comes! Take some pain meds first though!I wonder if our children ever read these entries while living abroad or in Canada. Reflections of home, I guess.

Mary was going to come over, but her ride fell through. Bummer!

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