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The Ottawa orthopaedic clinic sent me a questionnaire to fill out about how my right hip, the one that was replaced a year ago today, is doing.

As they asked question after question after question, I am responding that it is functioning perfectly, no pain when I stand, no pain when I lie, no pain when I walk, ability to take long strides, walking upstairs, downstairs, ability to walk a long distance, ability to do anything possible with this hip. And I'm answering every single time that it's working perfectly, no pain at all!

It's totally amazing but this is my life now. Both hips work perfectly. I need to spend time sitting on the floor helping them to loosen the muscles and let them let me sit cross legged once again. There's a lot you miss out on when you can't sit cross legged on the floor. Especially when you have grandchildren.

I have for the year been feeling badly that I took a whole year off and got all the surgeries and missed a year, or some of it, watching the grandchildren grow. For three it's the first whole year of his life. Well I guess for each of them it's a year of their life but for three of them it's the first year.

But if I hadn't done it, I wouldn't be able to do much at all. I would still be stuck in my chair and using a walker. I had really gone downhill after my six years of sitting around in Georgia with my mom and then all winter in the house. Are used to be able to do quite a lot. I would work all day, all the time, hardly sitting down at all. I don't feel like sitting much anymore either! Isn't that amazing!

I'm so glad I did this. I have heard horror stories about people who have the same operations done and all that went wrong. It's amazing what some people are going through. And here am I, blest once again! Why is it it's me who gets blessed so much? I didn't do anything to deserve so many blessings! Goodness knows, I've made more than my share of mistakes! White priveledge accounts for a lot of my blessings. It's a shame that's the way it is.

I hope the tables don't turn, in World War II, the Jews were on top before the war, and the war was about getting rid of them. Well the German part. I hope that doesn't happen if civil war breaks out here. I hope it doesn't. as whites, and the white privilege, our part of the population has declined so much, that we are in the minority among the races. By quite a lot actually. So, if a Civil War between races breaks out, we having been the privileged race, could be treated the same way the Jews were. And what about the French revolution. It was because the poor rose up against the rich. I think that's what it was, but I don't know my history very well. I should a Scarlet, she knows all the world history.

Anyway, God and his goodness has granted me the incredible blessing of two brand new hips that give me absolutely no pain and which are able to do anything a perfect hip can do.

Know that my hip pain is gone, other parts of my body which also have pain, in fact more than the hips did, are acting up. Both of my knees, the left one worst in the right, and my right foot, since I broke it, and my right wrist and my left wrist, because that has been broken too. But my back is going to get injections. I have an appointment with a doctor in Ottawa, he will do that. This could be another amazing thing! It's my back that gives out and makes me have to sit. It's what makes me have to use a walker. Send of the time it's great. It's so good that I have this why deck!

my SI joint that isn't fused acts up when I over extend my leg to the back. It never bothers me any other time. The problem with that, is that if I want to take a long strides and have a nice leisurely walk; if I want to do that, I end up jamming the SI joint, as it's not flexible enough to move Out if the way.

I think that will eventually fuse together as I guess I have anklosing spondylosis. When it fuses this together, it Will be better I think. Because the few side doesn't hurt.

My back is an interesting situation. The neck muscles are tight and hold those vertebrae too strongly. But that's only a limited problem, with nearly no pain. Further down my back into the small of my back I guess, there are a lot of bone spurs that are reaching to hook the vertebrae together. Also are three discs that have degenerated far enough that the discs bulge out each of them. I don't think it bulges all the time. I think there are specific moves that push them out.

If I bend my back forward as far as it goes when I'm standing up, those arched vertebrae will go out. However, if I need to bend my hand down to the floor, if I extend one leg up behind me, it doesn't put my back out.

I have to protect my knees. She told us at yoga yesterday that if you keep your feet straight and your knees straight and then do things from that position, you won't hurt your knees. I didn't realize that. It was better than my usual moves. I guess the anger has a lot to do with that. I have bone spurs in my kneecaps.

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