Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Feeezing rain

Before the freezing rain started, I headed out to go to the yard TP and bring the other tarp from it to Joe pie TP at the pond, as the one Willem and I put on it only goes halfway around at the moment.

By the time I hurried out to the car, the windshield was already covered with huge frozen rain drops.

By the time I drove down to the pond after pulling the tarp out from behind the yard tipi, I couldn't see anything. I left the car running, with the heat on defrost. I was in a hurry to get the tarp off the trailer pulled all the way around to the other side of the TP, spread out and pulled up the side of the TP and around.

The freezing rain was soaking into the fabric. It gave the fabric some friction, which helped me hold onto it, but it also gave it more drag against the becoming ice-covered tall Joe pie weeds.

I worked for a long time, I don't remember how long, maybe 2 1/2 hours. Our carpenter arrived at nine, and I came back up the hill at about 1130. After I went to the dump for part of that time.

The whole thing was extremely hard. I wanted the tarp to be in place over the tipi for winter, which was sending freezing rain and snow today. It may stay, depending on how much we get.

I wanted to be able to snow blow to the front door of the TP, overlooking Fiddlehead Pond, and be able to sit in there and have a campfire or anything when going for a walk around the ponds daily all winter.

Sitting looking at the pond, which is already frozen, with a campfire, just seems like such a nice thing to do. It's too bad none of us skate. I don't even walk on ice! There's no reason to!

By the time I had exhausted all my energy and finished pulling the teepees carpet up, I felt so pleased with what I had accomplished! I felt so blessed to be able to have such a nice spot.

Today it's freezing rain and tomorrow it snows. I don't know how much of either we are supposed to get. I downloaded the environment Canada weather app, but it didn't open when I tried to use it.

Can you see that the tarp on the ground beside it which is solo? Well, that's because I put my car alongside it on the road, and walked in and pulled it bit by bit by bit through the Cedar saplings, dragging it across the Cedar leaves the blanket the floor of the berm, pulling it bit by bit, until I got to the car with it and tried it on The side of the trailer.. Each pull was strenuous. It really worked on my arm shoulder and back and leg muscles.

I had to take two breaks, after bringing a chair from behind Kingfisher Lane where it was waiting upside down beside the street Tarl Willow sprouts. I drag didn't long and set it up so I can now sit inside.

I understand that it may seem odd to some people to put up a tipi here and a TP there to to be somewhere else. But you know, they make a really nice shelter when you want to just sit somewhere. It doesn't matter if it has a cover on it if you just want to hold a Hamic. Anyway, this is Joe pie to be, is now a erected at the end of fiddlehead pond between it and the berm and bordered by the sumacs in the parking lot are on opposite sides.

I don't really understand which teepees are in my current tipi locations anymore. The Krystal Palace was the lane TP and then it became the Crystal Palace it remain the Crystal palace until the windows were gone, and then it once again became the Lane tipi. The Lane TP is now this new Joe pie TP at the end of the pond. Meanwhile, the plateau TP, where Scarlet has built our garden, is now standing at the bottom of the perennials slope garden, nestled between the cedar rail fences and shaded by the Cedars.

So to call that the plateau TP, is rather silly. You see, the poles and the fabric are the TP. But I should just call them according to their location. So Joe pie TP is now standing on a patch of Joe pie plants.

From that spot I would like to walk up to sumac hillside. That's a nice spot, now just outside the door. I'd also like it open so I can see the pond. Now, as before, we could install windows.

However, the windows would need to be plexiglass down there. I don't want any glass near the pond.

I could see the pond surface as I worked, frozen now. It's just a thin freeze, maybe half a centimetre or something. It could be more.

I worked hard pulling the TP cover around the poles. It was quite a strenuous exercise. I kept sitting down and looking at it, then deciding that it was easy enough to do some more on it. The freezing rain hit the TP cover nicely. It was like a tin roof almost.

When I finally felt I had done as much as I could, and had the two covers now each part way up there side, I took the trailer to the bins that stood along side Kingfisher Lane, and put them in the trailer and took them all to the dump.

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