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52 pics First snowfall views

It was such a wonderful surprise when I looked out the window and everything was white!

I love winter! I love that each day is so different from each other day. The amount of the snow, the colour of the sky, the snow on the trees or not, the always changing views, the snow blowing off the house, enjoying storms. I also love snowblowing! It's a wonderful thing to do in the winter!

I can no longer see the neighbours house from here in my chair! I guess it's because you could never see their house from here. But usually at night I see a few lights through the trees. Ads a bit of interest to sitting by the upstairs window overlooking the perennial slope garden.

That garden is changing quite a lot. It lost about 10 feet in width or maybe more as the deck was put up. However, the deck only went as far as the pathway along the top of the garden. What was between it and the house was a compost pile.The stairs are quite wide, and quite sloped. Which also removes a bit of the garden. However, nothing was growing there. It was the little shelter between the fruit trees, replaced by an unkempt area I had let go wild with Rose of Sharon or wild roses. So I also took the deck to the edge of the little spruce patch. Spruce grove? I love that area so much cos I planted all those trees we pulled up along the roadside.

I like the wide steps. I like everything I've chosen to do about this house, except that one mistake I made telling Dale not to extend the end roof of the house. That was a mistake. I sorely regret it, too!

But I don't want to think about that! I like the snow. I'm going to get up and take pictures of every window of all the views. I love the views from this house! I love going around and taking pictures from every window. I'm not sure why like that, except they are such beautiful views.

7:39 here comes the light! No will take some pictures.

Looki! Wild turkeys!

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