Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I love when my daughter invites me over for tea!

Russell welcomes me with his whinnying. The snow is on every knoll, hill, ridge and valley over there. It looks so lovely, the snow shows up all the terrain details. The skeleton of the earth as it were. Or not.

She's got such energy and strength and brains! It's so neat to get to know the grownup! I like her stories about her animals.

A mouse moved some sunflower seeds to each potted plant. They grew and now the animal is returning to harvest them, digging up the roots of the five inch tall sunflower seed sprout, leaving piles of soul on the floor. Who would've thought! I've found seeds in drawers before.

This wasn't today, but looked so cute! Some people belong with mineature and small animals.

No today we didn't go for a walk, the snow covered ice seemed too treacherous! It probably wasn't, but I've become protective of my bones!

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