Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Desi and Maya at the farm

I picked up Desmond and Maia so mommy could go to work, and took them over to Scarlett's.

She was ready for them, around the farmyard paths, then inside with crayons and paper on the table, and with snacks ready.

We visited with Russell first. Desmond rode his tricycle. Maya walked and got carried.

She taught Desmond to make a snowball by rolling it.

Snowballs start very small!Good listening Desmond!Maya wanted to ride on Grandmas walker. Desmond made a big snowball. They made three of them which made a snowman. But Maya wanted to knock it over. This she carried around and even in the house for awhile!

Maya carried one around with her for a long time.

Even while riding the tricycle!

We sat at the table and coloured pictures. Maya watched Moana. He played with the flashlight. Maya liked her potato soup and lentil rice. Of course there was the to make truck, too!And books to read. Maya wanted to see the photo I was taking of her. Maya's favourite seat. It won't work if they light it!Scarlett's homemade yummy homemade bread. And me, relaxing while the kids watched movies.

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