Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I didn't take a walk but I got a few things done. I drive two chairs down to the new tipi st fiddlehead pond, but didnt stay.

I went over early so Lida could borrow the car and go to the grocery store. Now that she has her licence, life will change!

We came to Grandmas house over the rivers and through the woods. On the way we stopped at an open reuse center and found some toys for them to play with today.

We played on the deck with the car window open so Maya could sleep in the fresh air.

We walked around the deck many times. Opa and Desmond played at the play structure in the valley.

I hung up a swing for them but my rope is too short. Maya woke up and wanted to play with the new toys in the sunshine on the deck.

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