Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Morning pages by the bridge

I sure love caring for my grandchildren!

I've been with them for three days this week. I've played with them at their house, taking them to Scarlett's farm, and brought them home. They have sure had fun at Scarlett's farm, playing in the snow, and at my house. The sun was out yesterday, though it was cold, and they played on the deck in the sunshine. They ran around the deck, Meyer not so much. She'd like to sit on the walker and go for a ride. Such a cutie!

On the way home yesterday when I stopped at the other reuse center, they said in the car and I was just outside the car 10 feet away looking at the toys in the trailer. I was so pleased to find a whole box of tea party dishes for Myott to play with!

The other day, Bo brought over a little square table that is probably a plant stand or something. It's very well-built. It's been upside down on the table for a few days while I got around to tightening all the bolts. So now, it's on the floor in the corner at the end of the Living Room. that used to be Willem's office, beside the little antique black potty chair.

I'd like that there were enough toys for her and him to both play downstairs, so I didn't have Desmond up and Maia down. That was a good idea.

Most of the time we were outside. Maye was asleep in the car seat, since she had on her big winter clothes, I left the window wide open so I would hear if she woke up. We played nearby on the deck. I went over and checked on her every few minutes, looking in the window. When she did wake up, I was pleased to hear how easy it was to hear her call.

It's so nice to live in the wilderness where you don't have to worry about neighbours and strangers coming close by.

Jasmine played in the play structure in the valley a bit. Opah went down with him and pushed him on the swing. Meanwhile, I made a new swing for him on the deck. He came up and watched me. He held the short piece of wood while I tied it and hung it over the top then tied the other end of the rope to the other end of the board.

It's so amazing that I can just walk to the bridge now! I brought along a pole and halfway down Lane, I picked up my black metal chair off the road, and carried it on my head, one arm through the arm of the chair, and brought it to the bridge. We had moved both chairs to the other side, last time Willem and I walked down here together.

I like the other side of the bridge, looking out over the Meadow land at the dead Cedar's mixed with live trees.

But the familiarity of this place is wonderful. It did change once, years ago when they put in this new bridge. But I have claimed it, and have kept chairs on it ever cents. With all the things that have changed in my life, the renovations in our home, it is very nice to have something that has always been there, the same patch of grass around the rock, the same cluster of trees with ice on them as they dip into the water. These are the same frozen bubbles around the base of trees that pokes through the water. It's a different year, and each year every day is different, but the stream doesn't change. The plants beside it have changed, summer falling down or been cut, The little islands in the middle of the stream have changed, and but the bridge in the road and the Vista and my cheapie I'll stay the same. This TV is the only one that has not been moved. I know I guess that's not true. I like this little cheapie structure. I could've covered it with good fabric, and it would still look that way now, but I wanted to have a view. So to the one informed, it looks kind of crappy, a vestige of what once was. A reminder, that the natives were here first.

I have photographed this place so many times. If I had all the pictures that I had ever taken from this bridge, it would be very interesting to look at them. Things do change, of course.

As such a miracle that I am walking here to the bridge. It's such a miracle. It was that when your body went downhill, it was really gone. But now, they can switch in new parts!

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