Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

This ever-changing journal

It used to be that I would write a journal entry whenever I had a thought.

Now, I am trying to line them all up on the same day. So if I have a thought about something that happened last Monday, I go to the Monday entry and add it. I add pictures that are stored in my phone, I add more descriptions, and most importantly, I will add other events that we're not recorded.

I post them online when they happen, or when I first read them, and try to use the day at the top as some kind of reminder for me what day all this happened on.

I'm aware that some people follow my journal, and watch it and read it. However, if they read it on the same Day I post it, they will only get a small bit of what happened on that day. So, it might be wise to scroll back through the entries, and see if there are changes at the end, like huge additions. It's not worth it to go check and reread everything. If I did that, I would be doing a lot of editing. But life moves so quickly, that if I don't write down my thoughts when I think them, they're gone. I guess that's why we write our goals down.

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