Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

My morning walk

I walk to the bridge picking up the black chair as I passed down the hill.

I sanded the bridge for a while writing in my journal. It turned off because it was so cold outside. I walked back along the road and into the lower entrance where I checked the cushions on the bench but never stopped and sat. I enjoyed the path that Ben had made for us. It was an open space near the stream between the alders, where leaves covered the ground instead of brown wispy grass.

I stood by the bridge and trying to take a photo, but it didn't work. This is the lower bridge, the one down stream that I've built and we tied there this year. Actually, I built it a few years ago, or last year.

I turn the chairs over and stood looking up at horseshoe Island TV. I saw the fabric on the ground, and thought I could probably pull that back on. So before I knew it, I had walked around with it and put it in place. I couldn't believe when it was up how easy it had been, compared to what we've been working with at the new jopi tipi.

I had a wonderful walk to the bridge and to Horshoe island and fix the TP in there a bit and then walked out to the new Joe chat pie TP and then up the steps of dead man's run and to the studio where Bo is working on it.

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