Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Working in the hollow

Willem has been helping me get the tarps up onto the new Jopi tipi at the head of the pond!

We worked on it until Willem had to leave for meetings and stuff.

Afterwards, I rolled up the skinny tarp for covering the wood on the deck edges and out it on the trunk of the car .

I used Moms red-handled clippers to trim the branches out of the way on the highest pathway from the island to the moat. Then I cleared them op to the tipi and to the bridge, then across the stream and through the alders to the swing in the clearing at the pond.

I got the cover up on Horshie Island tipi after renovating it this spring or summer.

This is the downstream bridge. I've been cutting branches out of the way. Now I can use the entire width of the bridge.

It was hard to head back to the car at Teardrop Point. But I sat for a little while looking at the bridge, then headed across it. It sure was nice not to have to go around branches, it was a lot easier for me to get through on that new pathway. I'll have dry feet from now on!

I got the car stuck where I went off the road trying to back up onto the parking lot.

I walked up the steps of dead mans run again. It was so amazing to be Ble to walk. Now I just want to walk everywhere!

I turned on all the lights in and outside of the studio. It's amazing to see it come along so nicely, at the end of all the other work that's going on down there!That's the dining room window above and the studio below the long deck. The view is from above by the garden beds. These windows will face outside onto a deck. The far left window will be above the kiln and the middle one will be beside the wheel so I'll look out into Terrarium Valley.

This shows the last window on the right end of the room near the sliding glass doors. The view looking at the front door of the sunroom.

I was. Pugh Ing up a lung after eating some cheese this morning so I went to town for cloraseptic throat spray to numb my throat.

Then I went to the dollar store for tweezers and knee tensor bandages.

Then to subway for a salad. Then home. I'd turned on Sally the lights so I could see the house from the hollow and from the hg

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