Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Clearing a path along the stream

Mary and I set these chairs up last time I was here.

The alders have laid down over the path, so I've been recreating the pathway.

The stream is moving very quickly beside me. Half of it is an eddy created by the alder strainers. They've caught all the small bits over the season, the soft brown cedar leaves, dead galled twigs from winds over the season, too.

The sun is illuminating the topless dead cedar cluster. I remember watching the cedars break after the ice storm with willem. Anyway, if I study the shadows on the white grey tree trunks, I can determine the angle of the sun and therefore east, thus all four directions. I watched flicks of and heard some cars, but couldn't decide which way was the road. Was it parallel to the stream? It's quite loud here beside the stream. It's nice to sit and experience this section of the stream. There is so much in the water that's creating all of these sounds. I urge to tidy it all up, but know the fish need the shade and the birds need the spot to stand while taking a sip.

The sun is warming some of the air creating a breeze, cool enough I had to pull up my hood.

I am quite lost here. I see the tipi but wonder how far down along the stream I am. I think I'm almost to Horseshoe island I believe! I'm so glad to have this time to sit and journal and have this experience.

I wonder how far it is to the island.

I made it to the upstream bridge and across it to clip any branches impeding the pathway.

I decided to head to the stream as, get this, walking feels more comfortable than sitting! That fact means I have to get up and go for walks as continuously as possible. I go have to stop and sit, but once the need is gone, I have to get up!

So back from the highway bridge, the cement culvert, I'm by the stream in a comfy chair. I heard willem singing and then calling me. But he says it wasn't him.

I think willem wants to go to the temple.

So I got up and went out the lower entrance, crossed the stream at the metal culverts and went in Kingfisher Lane and into Jopi tipi.

After opening the flaps more, willem came along. We chatted in the tipi appreciating the view. I think I did more appreciating of it! He was on his way to the lumberyard.

After he left I walked around the moat. So many interesting formations!

Something broke the ice going into the moat. Then it splashed the ice out of the way when it broke through to get back out. There were tracks, bounding tracks. I think they were marten tracks, but maybe mink, but they were bigger than that!

I walked around and sat looking st the tipi poles for the small tipi. Finally I tied them together then sat deciding how to continue. I have the poles tied wrong. They all fave the same way. The center one needs to go the other way. I went home and hung out with willem. We sat in the newly renovated garden shed. Lovely set of recliners. Then we inspected the studio.

He agreed to help me erect the new little alder tipi alongside the moat. Somehow we got the poles turned the right way, the poles onto place and the three tarps on. It's gotta be fastened down and smoothed out. It was pretty exhausting to do this. Willem did most if the worn with a little support from me!

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