Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


This cold in my chest is rough.

My throat is raw so I've been using a sore throat numbing spray.

I got up and stoked the fire, gathered drill and screws and drove to the Alder-Moat tipi in the rain.

All the tarps were down, which was okay cos I could rearrange them. I pulled the green painted baffle cloth into the tall stiff dried yellow brown canary grass, on an angle towards Hoereshoe Island. Once it was straight, I dropped it and went inside the tipi structure of nine poles.

Reaching out about the center of the fabric length, I pulled the nearest side upward along the slope of the poles until it was about head height.

I walked to the edges and pulled the flat fabric around the cone, up tight with the apex. When I ran out of tarp I screwed the end on, then the other end on.

I had two more tarps to use. I faced one toward the open quarter, pulled it flat on the car trail, then pulled each end up until the gap was covered, and screwed it on.

I'm planning for the wind. I've had Tipi's blow over before. I think staking the poles would be best. I think I'll use the third tarp to give more support against the wind entering the overlaps.

I have a circular hole facing out of the side of the tipi to the path, the moat and beyond is the marsh woods.The walls of the tipi are extremely filthy.

I like that the floor in here is straw. It makes it soft and clean.

It's raining again. It's nice to be in here while it rains. There's a circular hole in the tarp wall, which gives me a view of the mouth over the moat.

The moat is like a river. It's much wider than the stream. It's like a 25' wide slow moving river. It's a circle, so every 50' stretch is different from the last.

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