Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Sunday sick

We were both sick this am.

Never even went to church. I did sit in the heat trap corner outside.

I nude a hot castor oil pack which I put on my back for half of the day, till it slid down off my lungs. I think it helped condense the phlegm so it could go away. I felt much better as the day progressed.

I went for walks around the deck. I left a screw on the kiln with every lap I made. 17 laps throughout the course of the day. Walking feels better than sitting around.

Willem and I sat in the family room in the sunshine. I finally started knitting the squares we are supposed to be making for blankets for interval house.

We watched Walk Longmire. It's such a nice mystery show! A cowboy Sherriff. Cowboys and Indians.

Lida dropped in with the little children. I was standing beside Iceberg pond by the chair on the rim when I heard a car beeping. Soon her black sedan appeared. I was thrilled, so quickly walked back to the lane where she was busy getting the children out of the car.

I invited them to come see the new tipi Willem and I erected. They came inside and sat for a second ti we went over to see the next one by the alders.

The moat was full of water, which is up to the edge. I won't be taking them down there alone. Too dangerous.

I'd like to put up my last tipi poles for one more tipi beside Iceberg pond.

After stopping to see both Tipi's, they headed over to Scarlett's. The children live the farm animals.

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