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I stoked the fire while Willem slept.

He's not feeling well. was heading out to let Lida sleep in, but when I found out she didn't need to, I thought maybe she'd like the kids to come over and give her a day one. perhaps for overnight.

So a wonderful day followed!

I walked a km around the house this morning while talking to Mary on the phone. These were the views. This is the playground I'm creating on the deck. That's Aldermoat Tipi. Its nestled on the north side of the moat against the aldersYou can see Horseshoe Island tipi on the left side, further back than aldermoat. It's good to see that their tarps are still up. I just love looking st these two old souls out the kitchen window.

While waiting for Alida to bring the kids over, I went for a walk down to Fiddlehead Pond where I sat in Jopi Tipi and overlooked the frozen pond.

I'll have to try to clean the tarps eventually! But I suppose the green helps camouflage it.

I walked around triaqua and up overlooking iceburg Pond. I had lots of ideas about things I could do down there.

Meanwhile Alida came and left lots of stuff and went home! I felt something was off, but had no evidence to support that.

I really enjoyed relaxing in each of the two new Tipi's.

After sitting in the little TP, the Alder tipi, where I had brought a chair from the Marsh woods side of the overflow.

I carried over another chair at the same time. As we as the interesting vine I pulled off a tree.

That's the view of the alder tipi from the Marsh woods side of triaqua trail.

I walked through the grass to the streaming across it. I think I like these TVs because it gives me a closeness. Walking through the alders to the Stream gave me that same night snug secure feeling. The flatland with all the ponds is not as cozy, it doesn't have trees there. I think it's time to plant some trees down there.

They picked the children up around suppertime, and were off to see some Christmas stuff in town. I was hoping they wouldn't miss it.

We played on the deck for a long time. They played on the play structure in the valley, and each in the swing, and then up on the deck with the slide, and all the push toys I brought up from the pond area the other day.

I even showed dizzy how he could slide down the bottom of the hill. There's a place we are Scarlet steppingstones run out about 6 feet from the ground. It's on about a 45 angle slope. I suggested Desi sit down beside the step and slide down the hill on his snowsuit. He liked it, even though there was only an inch or two of snow so far!

They enjoyed some snow. Desi shovelled the deck while Maya went inside with Opa.

They ate at the little table that Bo gave me. It goes with the little antique black potty chair. Perfect living room furniture!

I found a box of tea service for kids which are now scattered all over the floor in the end of the living room.

Corliss and Dennis brought up a floor loom that I think it's a rigid heddle loom. It's hard to figure out. There is a lovely rug on there at the moment, however. But there are mixing acrylic warp with a wool and cotton weft. Go figure. That was on there when they bought the loom originally. It's a beautiful set up, and the rugs on it, or the blanket on it is beautiful.

I walked another kilometre around the house in the course of the rest of the day.


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