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I can't believe I walked into the marshwoods from the lower bridge and then found Hemlock Grove and the two hammocks!

I like this view of the tipi. It's unbelievable that this is our land!Downstream from the downstream bridge. The alders. My pathway has disappeared. It'll take me awhile to clear a free path through them again. I couldn't believe I was actually heading into the marshwoods fen. It's been so long since the days of the streamealk chairathon. I love this bridge. I'm so glad I was able to plant it here, so far downstream from the original bridges position! It's awesome to have a reason to access this area!I used to walk through the alders on the right. When it freezes up again, I'll be snowshoeing through there. So many trees have bottomed up. The roots make interesting lodging for minks!It's tangled in all directions. There is moving water beneath the surface. It's tricky to avoid them. I was thrilled when I spottid the hammocks in Balsam grove. This is the Amsterdam tree. Cos the roots are above the right spot.

I sat and learned.

I got my foot wet on the way back. There was quite a dip where I was walking.

I went over for the grandchildren. We stopped by to see Russell. The missionaries were over there splitting wood.

We came over to Grandmas. It was -10 this morning and +10 this afternoon!

They both are waxing creative with the clothespins. Maya got my purple crocs on!She was reaching to put her foot into her boot!They watched a squirrel fill his cheeks then run back to the end of the deck where he buried them in a few inches of leaves. They were fascinated with him. We watched him from the end of the living room later. Maya played in the drawer. They had such s great time! They emptied the plastic cutlery boxes and dumped them in the drawer. Maya took them out by the handful. My house reminds me of the way it was many years ago when I had small children!

I should replace these contents with toys! Maya opened the tea towel drawer and then carried two over to the washer dryer manhube! So cute. Desi made a barricade. It worked till I dismantled it.

I drove them home by five. My body hurt all over. So much activity.

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