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OK so I'm gonna tell you about my walk to The Point.

I went to went to stand in the sunshine and then I saw that the sun was against some birch trees. So I followed it to the birch trees and when I made a shadow on the White trunk, the sun shone on me. it was so nice. I seem to do that a lot, walking or driving towards the sunshine. I walked along the edge of the steep hemlock covered slope, looking for the view of the stream below.

I found areas where the dirt had been scratched, and even a tree beside it where all the bark was rubbed off by a deer. That's one of those places a book makes for the does to find him. He sure had big feet! His prints were giant. Well, not maybe giant.

It's high anyway it's a it's up a beautiful and valley on both sides it's kind of a tight valley and it steep and it's covered with hemlocks and so it gives the most beautiful feeling in there right in the stream is wide and thick and black and it just looks so beautiful the way the one streamlines through that valley bought them anyway and so I folded all the way up to the other end of the hill.

I haven't walk to the point for a very long time. There is a grove of Pinetree's in there now. They have nine rings on them, so I guess that's about how many years ago they were planted. I love walking along that area. You can't walk straight along the top of the valley, because the juniper bushes litter the way.

I haven't walked here for so many years. The little tiny spruce trees that daughter that point slope, have now grown into towering for trees. The once great damn, is now a well-defined curving stream through a coyote Meadow.

It's supposed to be sunny here this afternoon. I'm not sure if I'll bring the children or not. However, if it is sunny and dry, this is definitely the best place for them. They can play inside and out. Maia should probably be inside more than outside.

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