Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Wednesday grandchildren

I picked them up early and the sun was shining when we returned.

Opa and Desmond played dominos. The game morphed into tower building which Maya pushed over. They sure do like playing in my kitchen!I love how Maya finds a spot then slides onto the floor. A jigsaw puzzle they're going to work on together. Maya is busy with the kitchen. We have a cool bouncy thing Maya and Desi like to bounce in. Having just landed at the base of the slide on the deck. Wagon rides anyone?Such cuties together!In the wagon! Such a smile!Wanting a wagon ride. I hope you can see her face!Up the double wide treads. Awaiting Big Brother's arrival. The piggy hat. Taking a break on the stairs to the tipi. Maya's such a sweet soul!Maya in the yard tipi. Time to feed the birds.

I finally realized o have the perfect high chairs for the children! We can make cookies together on this counter!Tasty unsweetened applesauce. Sharing the kitchen. Chillin in the family room. Desi had my phone on the ride home!

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