Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Thursday's Grandchildren

The sun rose on my way as I picked them up before 8 and drove with them to pick up Abe for the weekend.

Such hope for a new day of fun! I love that I'm getting to spend so much time with my little people!I let Desi play with my phone while we drive the long way to pick up Abe. Maya slept the entire time!He lives these faces on here. I s don't know how to do it!I'm in heaven playing with them in the sunbathed family room. Camelot, Jr., I think the game is called. It's puzzle placement stuff. Looks quite interesting!Maya discovered the dolls I had wrapped up and put in the basket. She took off her boots. That lasted a few seconds!I'm glad the play structure is here! It's wonderful to bring them home for the day!Maya went to visit Desi in his house. It was so nice to watch Desmond Playing with Opa. Willem was quit into the puzzle game. It's so nice the grandchildren can have time with their grandfather. My five never got to know my parents. Not really, anyway. I wish I knew Willem's children's children better. Abes here now! I like that those chairs are being used! Wonderful.

It's been quite the day! The children had a great time for most of the day until there was a meltdown over orange juice.

I knew I had to get them into the car and drive until things resolved itself. They were both asleep in half an hour. I drove into the wilds while they slept. It was a nice break for each of us!

I didn't go for a walk today. Not even around the decks. It was too early when I left this morning and then I was too spent to do afterwards.

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