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I am amazed that I have done so well with babysitting children all week, Playing with my grandchildren, that's what it really is!

But you know, sometimes, the caregiving, takes away the playing part of it. I am so glad that I am able to understand more of what my daughter is experiencing in raising her family. Is quite hard to have two little children. One little child is easy, you can give them all your attention. But when they are different ages and interests, and have different little emotional situations, it is quite difficult to do it all as one person. One child gets neglected, usually the one who is more capable of being neglected, the older one. I feel bad, because I would love to be playing with Desmond.

Willem has been spending a lot of time playing with Desmond. He gets right into these puzzles, and shows Desmond what's happening. I think Jasmine just likes the blocks. There's a little Princess and the prints and he has to rescue the princess by building stairways. The stairways are all painted on a series of blocks. You have to put the blocks together in such a way that the prince can get up to the tower. Sometimes, there are things in the way. Like towers. I guess these get harder as you go through the little booklet. This is a toy we found at the other reuse centre.

I wonder if Desmond will remember the incident of the orange juice. He had about an eighth of a cup left in the bottom of his cup, which I said he needed to finish before I gave him more. He refused, and a huge tantrum in sued. The end of it was him in his car seat without his boots or minutes or hat on, or coat even for that matter.

The car was quite warm so it didn't matter, and as we drove I looked at him in my rearview mirror and we discussed the situation. It was interesting to hear him talk about it now that he was out of the situation. He explained how very sad he was and how he wanted to go home. In the end, when we did go home, there was no juice in his fridge either!

I made an awesome meal last night, which I never got to feed them, because they were both so miserable that I put them in the car and went for a drive. They were asleep so quickly. From there it was time to go home, so they got to drive home. But I have that wonderful hamburger helper homemade stuff. Maybe they will eat it today!

Avis over too. I've enjoyed seeing him sit at the counter in one of those stool chairs. He also sits upstairs in the great room. He's been doing a lot of drawing lately. He seems quite content now.

I love him. I'm glad that he still comes home. It's so different to have such amount of life in the house! It can get pretty drab just me and Willem here.

I love sitting outside on our deck. I seem to choose the shady Dick most of the time, but now I seem to be sitting on the sand trap corner of the deck. It's a nice place to sit. I've been taking out the clean dry cushions and putting them on one of the chairs whenever I feel like having a sit down out here.

I also have chairs at the top of the TP stairways. Maye and Jasmine like going up and down them. They are very wide and quite safe and Shiloh. It's a long staircase. I wonder if the picture will take out here now. The sun has it risen yet. But it's light outside.

The chickadees has not yet found the place I've put chickadee feed, the sunflowers. Not sure why not! They still go to the shady deck feeder. I'll have to buy do your feet. I need to do that soon.

We have been listening to tempo when we are out in the car in the morning. It is classical music. Desmond has a book of orchestra music, and so we are pointing out the sounds in the orchestra, the violin, the drums, the wind instruments, the trumpets.

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