Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Friday Grandma

I can't believe how nice the silence is!

Lol. I love the low night lighting. I've got the Christmas light strands up around the doors outside. I have so many doors! One regular, one French and 4 sliding glass doors, plus one sliding door upstairs. This house is amazing! It's got so many lights, inside and out, most of which are on dimmer switches.

I picked up the kids from home. They had all their clothes on waiting for us to arrive. I contacted my sons family, then went in to Ottawa for Desi and Maya to visit with their cousin.

Maia slept and Jasmine played with my phone while we drove to Ottawa. I was glad Maia had such a good sleep.

I never thought about it till we were there and I coughed, that I realized I'd brought germs over! I do hope they don't get sick!

We had a great time, though! It was good to see everyone again. I was completely unprepared, wearing dirty clothes, needing a shower, and not having brought along the diaper bag. Luckily, Desi used the potty and we didn't have to borrow anything but one diaper!

Pics to follow and stories.

Maya removed the letters from the trash bin. She had lots of exploring to do. Moroccos are great noise making rattles!I remember this toy!The keyboard from Dan plays children's songs!So many things to investigate!Desi wrote mme with the magnetic letters. for mommyYour should have seen her smile as she rocked back and forth!Stickers that make a picture, paint by numbers stickers. Getting all the ducks in a row!Maya's new favourite cupboard!Sleeping on the way home. Auntie Scarlett is well loved by all!

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