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I'm by the bridge, the loud side.

It's dim out here.

This is the quiet side of the bridge. I like the other side cos it's not so open.

I wonder if the reason that the stream is so loud in places, is to help all the animals know where the water is. If that's the case, I wonder if sound attracts tree roots as well. That would be a whole different dimension wouldn't it.

I really like getting up before it's late. I sat out on the deck while the sky went from black to dark blue. It's so interesting, that first light.

Now as I sit here on the marshwoods side of the bridge, I can see more of the stream, but It's still not dawn yet.

When I walked down here, because my back hurt, and because I wanted to see Christmas lights from down here. Anyway, I was surprised at how few vehicles they were on the road. They have not been continually, or at least the sound would be continue. But they are two minutes, four minutes, one minute A part now. There was a long period where there were no cars. Likely because it's after seven now, there are a bit of cars that want to be in town at a certain time. It's interesting to figure out what time people need to be at work by what time it is when they're heading toward town. Town is quite a long way away.

Mary Jane wants us to come visit for a few days up in Quebec, but I'm concerned about leaving my house. I don't really want to pay for electric heat for a few days, it's nicer to just go away and come back the same day unless Willem is going to be home. I can go for as long as I want, ha ha.

I thought the reason there were no cars I thought the reason there were no cars passing me as I walk toward the bridge, was because it was so early. It wasn't laid out yet. I wasn't sure how will people could see me in my dark red coat. Anyway, I realized it was Saturday. That's why I have such long periods with no traffic.

I wonder if I will see a deer cross the road. I remember when the children would wait for the bus, they would see deer sometimes. There are two places where the deer crossed down here. Which I was the same places. They never very from it. Interesting, Eh!

7:13 first bird.

The sun rose 10 minutes ago, so it's slowly starting to stop looking like night. It's thickly overcast, or is that heavily overcast. I see a spot here where the otters have been sliding into the stream. It's interesting to be down here along side the stream in my cosy little area. I saw from the road that there is an opening straight from the road through from my private area. I see some tree trunks and wonder if they would be good for making a little bridge for when I'm walking down the road and want to dip into my area. Interesting thought anyway.

I don't know how private I can imagine this is, as fisherman show up and I video and show the world. You know, when someone is here, it's different than talking to the camera to people who will watch later. When someone is actually in your space, especially stranger, I guess they leave their vibes as they go, and my space feels a bit violated.

I looked at the calendar and realized that today is the Christmas social. I am cooking the ham. Now if I were married June, the Hamlet have pineapple sauce and close. The way I cook a ham, however, is to wrap it and stick it in. I don't think I'm have ever really mastered the art of cooking meat.

I love dictating into my journal. I can dictate my thoughts as I think them, which is so much faster than trying to type them out. My journal and becomes more of a phone call instead of the letter. I'm so glad that I was able to have Frank clear some of these alders.

I can hear someone up at our house or the neighbors, there's a cough every now and then, so maybe a visit having his morning cigarette. But there was hammering. Perhaps it's not our house but the neighbors. I don't usually hear them too much.

7:55 am

I wish I weren't getting cold as I sit here. I like the spot by my parking lot. Maybe I'll take a picture of it.

I remembered I had to cook a ham for the Christmas social today. So eventually, I got up to the house. However, you know I went to the bridge and then looped back and went into my favourite parking spot in the elders and then to the swing where the view was quite lovely. I never really felt like sitting down there, wanting to keep moving. But the Stream was full and the ground was so soggy that I didn't want to cross the bridges and go across to the moat. So instead, I went back out, cross the stream at the covert, and went back in on Kingfisher Lane. I walked to the tipi at the head of the pond, where I start to warm up a bit. I move the swing a little bit as well. I think I should bring one of those swings and put inside the TV. I have to work on that. I may need to get Willem's assistance.

I walked along the pond, amazed at the large circles with the telltale, spide-like, underground spring cracks in each of their midsts. I don't think that was very clear, but these huge circles with spiders in the middle certainly look interesting. Anyway, it was easy to see there were eight Springs or 13 or something. The moat was a different story.

The northern half was melted, well the southern half was frozen. Or use the word frozen quite loosely. There was a thin bit of ice on top.

I was amazed at how many springs there were. I turn left at the teardrop point, noticing how much of the road has been washed and the stones have been sorted.

I went in alder TP to warm up again. I hadn't really stayed long in the other tipi, so I did stay longer in this one. It felt quite cozy, but the walls are quite distracting because they are so dirty with fungus, algae, mud or whatever else happened to them while they were laying down or on the other Tipi's.

I walked around the Teardrop point and over to iceberg pond. The ice in the entrance to the pond was milky with colourful rocks in it. I didn't want to step on it in case it weren't solid enough.

I always climb onto the lookout spot on the mound to look over the condition of the pond. This morning it was open near half on the spring end. The other half and the empty waterfall were frozen. I didn't see signs of underground springs on the frozen surface.

It's quite a bit of a tower up there. I wondered how much the digging of iceberg pond by the previous owners changed the flow of the water in the lowland.

I wonder what the waterfall in the spring would have caused in that location. Water would just continually spread out across the Loveland, I guess so then when iceberg pond was Doug, that must've change the flow of the water so that it created the marsh words out of the cedar woods. I see the edge of the remote, no I mean the edge of the black soil which is spread along side the moat Road which is the long side the moat, has changed the water flow too. I think with the iceberg pond, there would be a different flow of the upper Stream. I'm not sure if the upper Stream has always been there. It likely has, because the water coming off of the hills in the hills above and behind, flows through there. There was another waterfall a couple of ravines away. I'm not sure how much that one runs.

I continued in my walk around the moat road, triaqua road, to where it fusssppears beneath the water, noticing how close the level of the water is nearly level with Triaqua trail.

There is flowing water in the moat. It's continually draining the wetland into the moat then the marsheoods then the stream.

I came back up to the house, thinking that I might climb the stairs through the valley between terrarium hillside and Cedarhill side. But in the end, I used the road. I remembered my teacher in Jamaica as I try to walk tall as I climb the hill. I learned so much from that experience. I was only 17. Amazing.

Abe and Willem were still asleep when I got back around nine. I sat in the family room at the table and worked on the rest of those puzzle configurations I've been trying to do. Camelot, Jr, it's called. For 4-9 yrs. I had to make sure I could do it. I'm good with dpacial problems. That's why mechanical things are easy for me.

The chickadees finally found the food I left for them out here on the deck beside the family room. I put it all out here a few days ago, but they never came here. Even though I called and made noise. But today when I called them, I guess they came. So now I see that I can sit at my favourite place at the table, and watch the birds this winter.

I visited with Abe for a while when he came down. He decided he wanted to go back home, so when Willem went to the dump and then had breakfast, he took Abe home. I put the ham in the oven. I'm cooking it for the Christmas social tonight. It starts at six, I think.

I had a nice time on the phone with Ben. He such a great guy. I've always enjoyed our long conversations. It was nice to talk to Zane too. I'm so glad I went over there the other day. It was such a good idea. I'm so glad they all had fun and I didn't bring them any germs they didn't already have.thats always a concern.

I finished tying off the piece on the ridges heddle loom. Then I sewed the two pieces together to make a poncho.

Willem drove Abe home while I baked the ham. Abe said He has a stash of foods in his cupboard that he likes. He made eggs on toast for both of us. I think they rotate turns cooking dinner. He was really thoughtful about cooking an egg on toast for me after he finished making his own.

The ham turned out good enough. We were there early. There's a lady at church who doesn't like me, so I sat in the chapel where I could just feel love in the big decorated room. I was so glad to see my lovely female friends. So many who haven't been there in eons were there. I've missed many of them.

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