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I had a rough cough at the Christmas social; I forgot I shouldn't have gone!

I hope I didn't give it to anyone.

I've moved the Chickedee feeders to outside of the family room. It's not as warm as the living room, but it can be very nice in there.

It's so cloudy and dreary today. It's raining. It's zero or one, but you know, if I pretend that the sun hasn't risen yet, as most of my walks happen before the sun is risen, then it's not so bad. Then I can just pretend it's going to be a beautiful day!

Hope is the mighty thing! Hope that it's going to be a better day, pretending it's going to be a better day, that the sun is going to shine brightly and I'll baskets warmth in an hour. Hope brings joy. I think that's what I experienced when I was going to Texas on a press trip. I hadn't gone yet, and it was two weeks away, but the joy I felt was for her above anything I experienced on the trip it's self.

So I think that's what hope is hope is not hoping for something good to happen hope is a deep belief that something good is going to happen very deep belief. They always say faith hope and charity together. Hope, is about what's going to happen today, not in eternity, that's too far away. But what's gonna be happening in a few minutes. Even though you know you're just pretending, it's like knowing you're going to go to Texas and you feel such joy about it.

The chickadees are here now. Several of them at a time. I love it when they don't mind my presence. They're just 6 feet away I think.

I have been vacuuming downstairs and picking up and tidying and putting everything away. I have a lot of projects going on. It's nice to have a project by each chair. Some people don't understand that. Oh well.

So I've been rearranging the kitchen a bit. I'm putting foods in big gallon jars on the counter. I don't like the vacant look with nothing there. So these jars make it more homey, the way my kitchen used to be. Rustic.See the little boats? I put narcissus bulbs in with soul and watered them! I'm looking forward to flowers in the house in the winter! Where I'll be able to smell them, too!

I think the sun is going to come out for a while today! There's a blue spot heading closer to it.

I have been trying to accomplish something today. So I had to look at grandmas loom to decide what the situation is with the yarn there. It's making a mess while I work with it.

I need to pull it all the way through and back, but it's fine at the back it's the front it's such a mess. Maybe I can get it to work. So, I found A pattern out of my arm and hand weavers pattern book by Davidson, a rose path pattern that I like. It's by Joseph France, I think. I think it's called just to France to. Somebody France. So I have been putting the threads through the handles for this new pattern. I'm glad to have a different pattern to use. It gets a bit much to do so long on one pattern. I think I have a few tea towels left in that section of work but still on the back being. I taped across them when I cut them off the loom, so they'd be in order, however that order is impossible at the moment. How does that happen? Jeepers!

I've also been tidying up. I brought a pair of boots and a pair of crocs up to the upstairs room so I can easily get outside to be on the deck. I should probably have a coat up here too, and maybe a hook for it to sit on.

I put all the foam squares together to put underneath the rug in the family room. I think that will be quite nice in there. It will be nice for the children to sit on, as well.I decided I would try changing around the family room. I don't like the view what I get from where I sit. I think a different spot would be a better view.

Willem and I walked to the bridge then back to the bus shelter. I sent him home, then walked around the moat and sat overlooking Iceberg pond. The reflection of alder tipi was lovely. Then I went the other way and on the dry paths up onto Horseshoe island tipi where I sat on the hammock for awhile.

Bummer, I hurt my ankle! I walked in the dark out into Everfar Labyrinth, only to trip over Izzys iron pumpkin. Ankle on the inside isn't great. I'll try walking on it again. I'm glad I still have that miserable boot!I'm so glad I didn't give that boot to the switch and a club yet. I know my foot isn't broken. But when I turn into a certain way it sure hurts. So I thought perhaps immobilizing it overnight would be a good idea. Like putting a tensor bandage on it or something.I love Christmas lights outside around our entrance door. I think it looks so nice there. I've got these by several doors.It's a supermoon tonight. I'm very surprised to see the moon above the apex of the house. When I see the sun, it is never on that side of the house, but rather behind the trees. It doesn't follow a course of Texas so high. It stays always below the side of the coming in the side window of the car. Never above it though. So to see the moon over there, I'm surprised.

I'm enjoying our home more and more! I love the family room.

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