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Monday morning pages

I got up very early to see the super moon, but it was quite hidden behind the clouds, so I waited and finally, it appeared for a little while.

I love being able to adjust the lighting in this great upper room precisely to what I want. It's really nice to be able to illuminate shadows in corners. I like it when a room is illuminated completely. But sometimes, in the winding down times, or waking up times, dim light can be so nice. I have dimmers on everyone of these lights. I dare ask what a fortune we paid to have this done.

I have been weaving. I've been studying the large loom and the piece that's on it, and the pattern of weft that I had started to make. I don't really like the pattern there. Perhaps I could cut it off, there's a lot of it.

So I've also been threading the heddles on grandma's loom.

I want to find some cones of thin wool, and make a beautiful shawl on the table loom downstairs. Or rigid heddle loom I guess it is.

I discovered how easy it is to make a video and upload it and delete it. It's working so well today. I am very pleased. I already uploaded two videos, or was it three. Anyway, it is so nice to be with the people I talk to in the videos, and to read their comments throughout the day.

Starting to get light out. I think it's after sunrise time, so it's quite possible that the sun has risen. It's truly hard to tell, because it looks like dusk and not sunset or sunrise. It's just like dawn and slowly the light will filter down in between all these trees around me.

This is a really beautiful place to make a video. Someone said she like the places I choose to make a video. I like those places, too.

You know the feeling of loneliness in this house that I've had for a while which is gone now, and such a relief that it's gone. I am getting into my house again. I'm also getting into making videos, which pushes loneliness away, because you're always with people that love you that you love! It's also a good way to share your love, which makes you feel happier.

Something is wrong with the trim around one window. The whole trim and the window are coming apart. I wonder what happened. Wonder if it something about the siding on the side of the house.

So while I sit in this chair, the green glider, I'm beside the spinning wheel. I'd like to finish doing my plying, and be one step closer to using my homespun yard i've been spinning and collecting for all these years.

I was this much in this pattern, I think I like it.I also got out my Rughooking, to take downstairs and put on the frame, to do it in the sunny family room when I'm sitting around in there.

I found a lot of flowers and put them together in one spot, and found the glue gun. So I chose a pink hat and some pink flowers, but I have to go find the glue sticks before I can do it.<!-- Start of StatCounter Code for Default Guide -->

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