Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Monday afternoon

I am sitting on the deck in the low December afternoon lighting, enjoying the ringing in my ears which sounds like katydids in the summertime.

So today is like a cold summer night. . LOL.

A chickadee landed right beside me. I've got my legs on a stool beside the sunflower seeds.

Did I tell you about yesterday, when I watched a pair of red squirrels mating? I saw him chasing a female in the trees, then catch her. She fought for a second, then got to work creating her next litter. I saw them later working hard again.

Now I'm getting cold.


I mended the collar of my native patterned overdress. I'm glad I got that done! I'm glad I have put my mending and my sewing stuff beside one chair.

I'm sitting on the heat trap corner of the deck and have my cushions on the chair. I bring the cushions in every time I come in and take them out to whichever chair I'm going to sit in, as needed.

I hear animals yipping at each other. Foxes I think.

I've been laying low today. Morning was weaving, in the afternoon was sorting furniture and accents around in the family room. I really like the way I've got things set up in there. I watched a new Netflix thing, but there was a bunch of sex in it, so it was a bit of trouble having to forward through stuff all the time. Plus they mix the dialogue up with the sex so you have to miss out on what the dialogue is when you fast forward it or jump ahead. I guess it's important to look at the rating of a show you're watching.

I have tried to walk around the house today. I've just stayed downstairs and I guess I've gone out on the deck a few times but I haven't done any laps.

I need to clean the contacts on the light sockets on one string of Christmas lights I got from the dump. It's nice to be married to a chemist. Vinegar is what to use, or ammonia, he said.

I ate a lot of peanut butter and honey today. Bad idea.

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