Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Alex bay

I have to do some errands, so I'm going to Alexandria Bay today. I think I'll also go visit Cato in Fort drum.

I may.

Later: I didn't go anywhere but Abay. It was raIning so wasn't nice out. You know on a sunny day I really feel alive. But a rainy day I just gave to cope till the sun sets. I don't like being inside because it's raining out!

Anyway, I stopped by a state park nearby. Katadin is in Maine, but it's something like that. Keewaydin. There, I looked it up.

I stopped at Lidas to see the kids and Lida, maybe useful to her and them if I played with them. It was nice to be with them again! But Desi sure is stubborn! He roots himself to the ground and stands his ground. The art of war.


We played a great game of scrabble after dinner.

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