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Sunny stained glass Wednesday!

It's so good to be in the sun.

It was really hard staying inside when it was raining all the time for the past many days!

So right now I am sitting by the teardrop point, appreciating the sunlight.

I was working on the outer cover of Joe pie TP. I found that I could lift the cover about 4 feet further onto the TP. That made the side reach around further and go behind yet another pole., Between the pole and the other fabric. I may not need the other fabric, at least not in the summertime. I may try and pull it back up over this one for the winter, though. I made a video!! I went to see Iceberg pond and then didn't do the second half of the moat. I should have.What a lovely place it is out there, nestled against the forested hillsides.

This is the view from the top of the mound surrounding Iceberg Pond.So I went to the bus shelter, then along the windy highway towards the bridge. I cut into the Cedar berm by the green chair, then spent awhile picking up the sticks underfoot. That bending's not like me!

I cut through into the path by the picnic table, then through to the upstream bridge. I sat there for awhile. The stream under the bridge on which i was sitting, was lovely.  Some places made a lot of noise, while other parts were silent.  It's such clear water here.But I picked up my outhouse chair and carried it to a better location.

My foot hurt from time to time, so sitting was better and more necessary than usual. My posture is getting pretty bad.

I'm sitting in the bus shelter. I've tidied up the sticks that were in there as well as the fisher men's trash. I sat on the chair on the upper bridge, then went through horseshoe island to the moat road and then out and up to the house.  It was nice picking up the trash and then tossing all the sticks out of the way.  It looks so much more tidy now! 

I wonder what it is about ravens that makes them so special to the first people. They are voice is rough and they are loud and aloof. But why would a raven to be something special? I can understand ego, but the Raven is no better than the crow, is it?

I was trying to get down here for a walk all morning but kept searching for the glass grinder. While walking around the moat, I saw an brown mink, or fisher come bounding along Triaqua Trail and disappeared in the tall grass alongside the corner of the pond at Teardrop Point.  He was gone when I got where he'd been last.  That was so interesting.  It had a large head.  I think it was a fisher, as it was pretty big for a mink.I realize that I am teaching Stainglass making this afternoon, and need to find my grinder.

Willem removed all of the big saw tables from the sunroom. He also brought in a bin of mugs and a smaller bidden of odds and ends that I found in the hobbit hole.  I'm grateful for all of his help.I set up the sunroom so that it would be nice enough in there to make stained glass. My friend, D brought her univ dau A over so I could teach her how to do it.  I explained a bit about what is what and the general process.  A just took off with it.  She made three suncatchers from random pieces of cut glass.  She wove a pattern width on the big loom and we tried out the microwavable kiln and thin glass.  I've had a really nice day!  I'm so glad they came over.  Willem made potatoes, fish and peas for us for dinner.  He's so sweet!

This is a third hand, it's called, where it holds your little washer in place.A asked if I'd teach her how to make stained glass a few weeks ago. Then she asked her mom to make arrangements and take her here, every day. She just finished exams and they asked if she could come the next day. Of course I said YES!!!! No brainer there!! So now I'm inspired to do some stained glass!! Yippee! I already cut and ground some pieces. I'll do the copper wrapping on the table where I like to sit.

I cut some pieces of green and ground them down. I wonder why it chipped so much with this new grinder. Perhaps the glass needs to be warmed?

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