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Snow memories

I remember when we went to grandma's in the winter and the snow was everywhere and we downhill skied, I mean we played on the snow-covered hill behind the barns, and skied fast down into the fence.

Grin. Scary moment for me heading fast into the fence by the road. Did we get lessons in skiing? Or just hope for the best? I bet my dad gave us pointers!

I never did get good at skating. I mean, I've taken my kids ice skating on the seven mile long Canal in Ottawa and to the local rink when they were growing up. They loved to play hockey on the ice!

Around here, all the folks would get together on Frank or Rosie's pond and the kids would all skate together. We didn't do that too many times, because it's so darn cold in the winter. Plus, we have so much snow usually, that it takes a lot of work to open the ice. Sometimes down at the lake someone will have open a area and made a beautiful rink on the ice. It's so strange to see people driving trucks on the lake! There are roads in Quebec just north of Ottawa, that are only open to cross the river on the ice at times. It's a long way around the rest of the year.

I cross country ski now. Well, years ago, maybe 30, Cynthia gave me a Christmas present of cross country ski poles, ski boots, and skis with bindings. I skied all over back then. We would ski in the woods in Ottawa, on any of their many trails through the 5 mile green belt around Ottawa.

I thought when we moved out here 21 years ago, that we would be able to cross country ski here, but I have so many hills that it is not conducive to cross country skiing. Now down hill skiing is a different thing!

Daniel skied down our valley from the Plateau to the house and up, but crashed into a small branch that was sticking out of the snow and ripped his knee open. That was like three layers of stitches he needed. What a horrendous thing to happen to a child!

The kids would ski down our road. It's a good size hill like where I grew up in Georgia, except I think that one is taller and probably about as steep. Anyway, the kids would start here by the driveway and since it's just three families on this road, they could ski down the middle of the road and then turn up onto the bank of the hill at the side before they got to the stream.

This winter will be my first with complete mobility in many years. I'll have to get myself outfitted! I have two new hips and survived a broken foot. Now I think cross country skiing is in my future. We never could do much with our low lying floodplain! That is going to be great!

Now the circular pond I have, the moat around the new island, and the road now alongside it I named 'Triaqua trail', as its purpose was to connect our three ponds. It could become the most awesome skating rink! You could just keep skating in this giant circle. It's quite a long way around the moat, 250 meters. But the boys and I built a bridge across it. So I have to duck to kayak under it! That will interfere with skating.

I try to go for a walk there every day. Down to the trout stream, up the highway to the chairs on the bridge, where I sit for awhile, back down the highway and cut through the cedar berm to the alder woods, then across the stream on one of our new bridges I built. They are on either side of the horseshoe shaped island around Serenity Dippity Pond.

Then I come out on Triaqua Trail and walk around it beside the Marsh woods fen, past the entrance to Iceberg Pond alongside the hill where the freshwater spring from under a rock as well as the waterfall, each land in the pond.

Scarlett had the steep valley beside the house terraced so it's easy to climb with my new hips. Our terrain is like a W.

Anyway, I love snow but we don't have any. We did for a little while. I'm waiting for the ground to freeze up solid so I can drive my car around pulling these long poles to make another tipi beside Iceberg pond. Willem and I built two more of them over the past few weeks. One's at the head of Fiddlehead Laps pond in the Jopi weed patch, named Jopi Tipi. It's 18' high. One's by the house, it's 19' high. The Garden tipi. Ones on Horseshoe Island, it's maybe 10' tall. Another is 14' tall in the alders between triaqua and the lower stream.

The upper stream develops at the base of the hill that rings the flatland. The hollow.

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