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Friday walk and Knitting machine

I stayed up till 3:30am this morning working on knitting squares for the lapquilts were putting together tomorrow so I'm trying to use my knitting machine.

Very difficult. Today I'll work on it all day!

Had to go for a walk before the snow flies.

The sun was up when I got up! Missing the very sunny day!This is the side of Terrarium Hillside and the house on top. Down Dead Mans Run, the newly renovated stairway, the temporary spring waterfall. Snow falls on the ferns and when it melts away the Fern looks just the same! This is the trees that were removed to create our view. I always feel so successful when I finish my journey down Spring Waterfall Valley aka Dead Mans Run. Only gotta step over the maple sugaring tubing wire. The tipi cover is ready to pull on further this morning. It's at the head of Fiddlehead Laps pond. It looks nice to see the thin ice on the surface of the pond. You can see the Alder tipi in the distance. We put that together one day last week.

This is Aspen Mound, which is too difficult to climb with my twisted ankle today. I have a hammock and two chairs up there to overlook the ponds. I love seeing the ice in the cattails. I had this pond dug so Willem could do laps when he retired six years ago. From Teardrop Point, this view down the south side of Triaqua CarTrail alongside the moat. This is the west side of the moat, looking the other way from Teardrop Point where the car trail meets Kingfisher lane or the cartrail to the main road.

I wanted to capture the ice design. The evergreens are around Iceberg trout pond which is on the side of the hill which is like a cliff at the base of the steep hillside The flood plain is saturated with recent rainwater which is now frozen. Looks interesting. The entrance to Iceberg Pond. The swing is frozen in. We should dam up the pond dike better to keep the water back.

Big fish! I'm not sure what kind but the big ones about a year old I think! I saw them swimming into the moat across Triaqua CarTrail last spring.

See how the water slid over the heavy ice and made a new layer on top of the ice. This is after passing the entrance to Iceberg pond. The overflow keeps me from walking around the whole circle until it is frozen solid. So I turned back and passed Teardrop Point to show you the bridge my sons and Dil and I built to get onto Camelot Island. From inside Alder tipi looking towards the east and the fen, the Marsh woods.

It's got a soft grassy interior. It's quite small. I have theee chairs in it. It's cozy and out of the wind, a good place to sit and relax and warm up.

This is the corner of Alder tipi and Horseshoe island tipi which overlooks Serenity Dippity Pond from the Horseshoe Island around it.

I walked back to Teardrop Point, along Fiddlehead Pond on Kingfisher Lane to check the view of the house on Sunrise Hillside.

A view of Kingfisher car Trail alongside the pond. At the end is the joe pye weed patch where stands the full sized Jopi Tipi. 20' across inside.

The pathway to and around it is getting better. I walked around it to pull the tipi cover better into place for sliding up into place.

I'm in the tipi. Looking at the crack of sunshine!! I got both covers all the way up!!!

We're going out to see the sun in a minute. When I'm ready.

But first I've gotta sit here for awhile. There's a red squirrel chattering nearby. The wind is roaring through the bare trees on the sides of this hollow. Holler.

And I hear a singing chattering squirrel and a bluejay. And a car and the tinnitus katydids in my head.

I walked back up after Willem went to town for snow tires. I went up to the house and worked on the knitting machine again. I wish I could just use the little thing that slides back-and-forth, but I have so many problems with it, that it's probably faster to do it by using a ruler so that I put everything in position and pull the yarn through them all, each one as I pass it. I think that that is probably working well enough. However, my back really hurts at the angle I have been sitting in front of the machine.

I'm on the deck after 4:30 pm. The sun has set now.

The smoke from our chimney smells pretty bad, almost like car pollution. I asked Willem to open the draft on the fire a bit as there's terrible fumes coming off!

I'm in so much pain. What makes your muscles spasm? My back and body hurt like I can't remember it ever hurting all over like this.

My muscles started cramping, so I soaked in an Epson salts bath for a long time. I had cramps in all my big muscles. ''Twas awful. Finally I got out of the tub and I was able to get to my chair upstairs in our bedroom. The cramps were just coming on frequently and randomly.

I need to add some more length onto this blanket but need another ball of lime green yarn from one of those many bins!

I'm so glad I've taken another leisurely walk to all the ponds and tipis today. Very nice time.

I'd better go to sleep. Hope I can remember what I did today to write it all down later. At least photos will help me remember the order.

I had a nice time snap chatting with LeeAnn. I'm glad she's my friend.

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