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Tuesday Grands

Let me see if I can remember what happened today.

It snowed overnight! I was going to babysit the children, but was concerned about the amount of snow that we had and that it might be so much overnight that it would be better to keep them here overnight. Instead of bringing them home in bad weather and then picking up them up tomorrow morning in bad weather again.

I think I slept in till 930. Since I have my CPAP machine, to help me breeze regularly all night, I can put my hand under all the covers. It's quite cosy and warm, never having a breeze on any part of my back or head. That's nice when it's pretty cold outside.

Anyway, I woke up at six, but put on my mask again and my head under the covers and went back to sleep again. I really love my CPAP mask. It really makes sleeping easy. It's easy to stop breathing if you lay on your back or in a lazy boy chair who are you tired, I find.

I did some online stuff till 10, so for a little while then cleaned off the driveway and the deck with the snowblower while Willem got my car cleaned off. Then I went over in the snow and picked up Desi and Maia. Three and one years old.

Desi he wanted to play in the house before he played outside, so when we got here we played inside.

He played with the barn and with the clay and the Camelot jr. puzzles. He put on the lifejacket and played with the fire truck. The toilet paper tube made a good hose. We put out the fire in the woodstove. Pretend. It was. Fun to regulate the size of the fire by using the handle at the side of the woodstove and by opening the door just a bit. It was fun to turn down the flame as Des shot water at the woodstove with his firetruck!

He liked rolled ham slices, pineapple juice, an apple and a muffin. He used the potty easily.

Maya spent a long time climbing in and out of the stroller.

After a while, he wanted to play in the snow. I wanted him to try sledding, so we took a spot on one of the hills and tried to let him slide down 5 feet. It was fun for him, but not as much as I thought he would like it.

I pulled Maya in the little purple sled around the over for a labyrinth. It was fun making the labyrinth rings with Jasmine walking behind me. It was fun playing in the lever in together. Maia liked it too. I had forgotten how cool my labyrinth is, and about my snowshoe labyrinth I would turn it into every winter. Those were good times! I haven't done stuff like that for probably seven or eight years now, as I was in Georgia for so many winters.

I sent Maya inside with opa, who took good care of her and got her winter things off and settled down with her toys afterwards. She loves standing and watching out the window and watching as Desmond shovelled a path around the house on the deck.

The chickadees like their food.

We came back in and I snowblew around the deck again, as it had snowed all day.

After they sat at the counter and had food, then when we were cosy in the chair, Desi said it was about time to go home. He did not want to have a sleepover tonight.

The snow has let up and the roads were good enough, so I call daddy and arranged it, and took them home. I got back here around seven, I think. Willem and I watched Rosemont on Netflix. At least I think it might be Rosemont. It's a detective show, pretty funny.

So I didn't really accomplish anything all day, except that I fed the little people several times and kept them entertained, so that they didn't get into fighting or anything.

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