Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Wednesday Grands

I got to Lidas about 7, sent her back to bed, then stayed with the children while she got some sleep.

We hung Desi's Christmas tree on the tree. Maya got it down and made it into a jigsaw puzzle. I taped it all back together and put it up on the tree. He put the puzzle pieces in a line, out of order cos the g is missing anyway!Maya is such a darling. She nests, makes a bed then sits in it. She's such a little girl!!Desi was mesmerized by cartoons as usual. Mommy got them ready to go to Grandmas when she came down refreshed.

I brought them home and stopped at Scarlett's where Desi had a nice time having pancakes for breakfast. He is scared of Russel's loud neigh, so only wanted to go if we played inside.

Maya was fast asleep in the car, so I parked just outside the window. When she stirred I brought her inside where she had a nice time with Auntie Scarlett. I left my camera in the car.

We came to Grandmas house. We played upstairs in our bedroom, in the upper room and in the family room. I put the heat on a few times in the family room to make it warm. We have a problem with the door not shutting all the way. If I lock it, it's better.

I love when they sit at the counter to eat. They are so accessible!

I took them home just after dark so Desi could see all the Christmas lights.

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