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MJ and M are coming today, so I tidied up and made both bedrooms ready.

I changed the sheets on both and got things ready.

I snow blew a bit of the deck but broke a shear pin. It's -17c today. I couldn't figure out why it was doing such a bad job!

I went to home hardware for shear pins and for Dead bolts that go into the floor.

I went to the Seeker Center for pain management. I had no idea what this place was. They have rows of tinctures.

It turns out he gives shots of dental freezing to an area, massages the muscles, etc. And best part he's completely covered by ohip!

I got home before sunset, changed the broken shear pin and did some more blowing. I ran out of gas in the lane. which willem fixed for me. . I blew everfar labyrinth, complete with a blown wallway to it. Desi will like that!

I got the tarp tangled up in the snowblower. I had to do a lot of untangling of the extension cord to use it to start the snowblower in the lane.

Willem did a lot to help me prepare today. He put in the lasagne. By the time they arrived, I had lots of foods ready.

M loves the comfortableness of the brown power chair. He slept really well in it after dinner. I brought the glass patio table out from the kitchen for a serving table.

It's a clear night. Gona be the coldest night so far. -18 I think. It's much colder in Ottawa.

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