Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


It was great to have Maryjane and Michael here.

They are awesome people. I'm so grateful for their friendship. I've known them for 37 years. That's a long time!

I got the snowblower going and headed out and down to plough triaqua car trail. Maryjane followed me and headed into the big Tipi while I went on ahead of her so the snow wouldn't blow into her face. She liked it in there.

We were amazed at how many springs were in the moat. Some are larger than others. That was the most beautiful frost pattern on the moat. Like flowers 3 inches across. Such incredible beauty. Winter is not a doll season! Every day is so interesting and all the conditions are so different.

I counted 92 springs in the moat. First we went to iceberg pond There were interesting tracks on the pond beyond the low dyke.

and then continued on around to the overflow. It's not solid enough to go across that.

So I turned back and went around the moat to Teardrop Point. The view was stunning.

I carried on to Alder Tipi and ploughed a path to the round door of it.

And then I headed up to the overflow and back, and hung out in the small tipi with Mary Jane. It's so nice to hang out with her. She's the best friend ever!

This is Horseshoe Island tipi. And the gypsy wagon. And Jopi tipi

I did the real hostess thing! I wanted to for years, but my body was never allowing me to. But this time I made blueberry oatmeal for them and I had leftover corn and broccoli for breakfast. I can't remember what we did for lunch, oh yes, cut up pineapple.

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