Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

30th anniversary

It wasn't till late afternoon that I remembered it was our anniversary, so we had a nice dinner at the table in the family room.

We played scrabble and watched Rosewood, a pretty good show. It was lovely to spend time together, I'm still a lucky (very blessed) woman to be married to Willem.

It was our temple day, but we wouldn't make it there till late into the shift. There were bands of snow that I feared would give us dangerous conditions on the 401, which could spell danger. Having lost my last two cars in wrecks made me leery of the drive.

I was worn out from snow blowing the moat and hostessing. We wanted to go to the temple, but prayed and found it was okay to stay home. It would have been wonderful to spend time together in leading a session and in performing sealings together. We both really wanted to be there.

I'm so glad I remembered it was our anniversary!

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