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I was gona go light the fire when I got up, but I ended up in the Great Upper room, puttering around, working on measuring a warp for the little ridged heddle loom.

I searched the bins for wool cones I could use for the warp. Id kind of like to use a few good colours, if I can manage that. It snowed overnight, so we have about 4" now. The sun is rising in the south east now. Way far from its eastern position of summer. The forest doesn't let the sunshine inbtill much later. I talked to Daniel and sent him snow pictures in 30c Vietnam for his birthday. I really love watching the sunrise. The light in the sky is so pretty. I sat in the family room and dictated into my journal and added photos. I love my journal. I love trying to remember what I did and get the details down. I love the shadows cast by the sunlight through the trees. It was 9:30 by the time I got around to lighting the fire. Yesterday I broke both shear pins when I was blowing Triaqua Car Trail with Mj. I need to raise it up so I don't hit rocks and such along the trail. There was rope around the axel which had pushed one blade over and sheared off the pin. Fortunately I had bought two packs the other day.

I was out there forever working on the situation. I had to come in and change my mittens and socks and warm up. I wear my blanket ponchos which is the warmest way to work. I can kneel on the ground with the blanket under my knees. It was much better when I drove down to do the walking trail. I even took some photos. I'm keeping the pathway for the Jopi Tipi clear. I still haven't cut the willow.

The snowblower doesn't jump all the time now that I raised it up. The sun was lower in the sky by the time I was plowing to Iceberg Pond. Don't you just love those long winter midday shadows!The sun sparkled down the hidden waterfall path. The photo didn't show the beauty so well!

At the Alder Tipi I took my chances and drove the high snowblower through the alders to the bridge we'd put downstream from Serenity Dippity Pond. I drove it across the bridge, turned the motor down and sat relaxing by the stream. I just love the ice and frost formations on the stream. It changes everyday. It was great to sit there and relax. I'm so pleased i made it across the grass, through the alders where Ben weed ate, through the shortcut I made with my clippers before the snow flew. And across the bridge.

I love these views! After a good break and with concern for the amount of gas the anowblower was using, I carried on through the sun-dappled, white snow. The yellow tall grasses were short compared to the exotic. Gigantic grass that the Stream people planted at the Stream rehabilitation site, where my bench swing is. I didn't dare snow blow around the tall grass, because there wasn't room between the planted trees in their wire cages. So I just been the snowblower backwards, and headed into it without the Turner on just park anywhere hurry preferred don't do that was just you can park here anyway I'm a handicapIn the past my only winter access was on snowshoes.

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