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I had the most wonderful time this morning winter camping.

Camping is more than just sleeping in the woods, it's the daytime spent sitting and looking at places and enjoying the view.

I sat in the Alder Tipi after pulling a tarp to put around on the floor so I can have a calm campfire without burning up The long grass that grows inside. I went out into the alders to father some firewood. I found a few dead ones, but it turned out some were green.

I tried breaking some of the dry yellow gras inside the tipi, off to start a fire using some alder sticks. However, the sticks i used were green so the fire didn't start. I had cut these off earlier in the autumn, but they were not dead enough yet. So in the end, I had a little flame for a while and then it went out without catching on the sticks. I tried a log cabin style fire, then a Tipi. The grass wouldn’t stay lit, neither would the twigs. Bummer. I guess dryer lint fire starters need to be in the supplies pack.

I love firewood gathering! It's one of my favourite jobs at Camp Echoee. I remember reaching in under the mountain laurel bushes to pull out Dead sticks around the cabin tents.

Looking at the dreadfully dirty and stained fabric, and decided to bring down the crayons and chalk and let the little people colour on the walls wherever they can reach.

It's so cozy in there now. I wore my green blanket poncho over my white down coat from my Mom.

I have grown to love this small tipi. Quite cozy actually.

I walked through to the Stream sat in the chair by it, the wooden one that folds up which was off to the side. What's the most beautiful view there. While I sat, a lovely black otter about a metre long swam downstream. It was slick and black and disappeared under the ice were the ice came to a point over the centre of the stream. I watched it for about four seconds. I sat facing upstream, my feet out of the 4-6" deep snow and on the snowblown path.

It was snowing pretty hard. I sat and watch the snowflakes accumulate on my poncho. Wearing a wool blanket is such an awesome way to keep warm! Even overnight down. When I wiped off each chair to sit in it, I use the side of my arm so as not to get my mittens wet. That was after I had to go back to the TP and exchange my mittens for the dry ones in there.

My camera died, bummer. It had 3/4 battery but the corn at -12 was too much for it. From the Stream side I moved to horseshoe Island TV. It's a direction I never go between the bridge and the TP, but I thought I could do it because it looked like they were space between the orders in that direction. I climbed the hill to the TP and selected a spot for the white one chair where I could see past several curves looking down stream. The perfect spot for a chair. There is a small birch bark woven basket nestled up in the top of a streamside alder clump.

I appreciated what Nancy Yesterday prepared for me in re-constructing Horseshoe Island tipi. It's a lovely place. After sitting in it for awhile, appreciating the view of serenity dippity pond and the stream, I moved the Hamick further into the tipi. The knot not was quite tight, so it took quite a while. But in the end I succeeded and moved it further back into the TV. I'm not sure how safe it is. Actually, The new spot has a rock right underneath it where I would land if I fell. I put a rope across above the hammock that I can hold onto while I'm in the hammock, so if it does fall I can catch myself.

I sat in the white chair overlooking the pond and then in the green chair at the end of River bridge used to be. Such beautiful places. I also wiped off the wooden Adirondack chair at the corner, on the other side of the TP, but I didn't think of you there was good enough to sit when there are no words around. Perhaps we should hang feeder in those bushes.

I left the island and went back out to the moat road. I just side is I wouldn't go back into the Elder TP, but I would just go down past Tisch's garden beds and turn in to the gypsy cabin, or gypsy wagon. The big pond in its front yard is frozen, but I walk through the bent tall yellow canary get grass. Great clumps of snow were nestled in the grass, so I had to sweep my foot to the side before I could step onto the next spot.

I think I'll put the bridge between the front doorstep of the gypsy waggon and Horshoe island.

I went in and examine the place. It was quite a mess. The comforter on the mattress is quite dirty now. I bond was not to take it to wash. My hands were cold. I found a candle by the window by the sink. I'm so glad I had a working later so that I could light the candle. I put it on the little table, And pushed it into the corner. I put the candle on it and brought out a jigsaw puzzle. I also moved the door and leaned it against the table so that it would block the wind from that corner in the cabin. I close the window with the piece of glass that was a bit too large which I shoved between the shelf over the sink and the ceiling.

I needed a place to sit, so I went out onto Horshoe island upstream side,and brought back the green chair while the candle heated up the Gypsy cabin.

It was good to sit. I found an 50 piece puzzle. I sat at the table and put it together. My feet finally got cold.

I went to jopi tipi and before I got too comfy I remembered I needed to go to my dr Carli appt. the roads were a mess, so I got there 45 minutes late.

He xrayed my hips which were perfect. He gave me cortisone with lidocaine in my knees. I hope it helps.

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