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It's going up to 3 above freezing so I'm out there snowblowing like crazy to get all the snow out-of-the-way before it turns to solid ice rock when it goes back below freezing tonight.

I've been at it since about eight or 830. Anyway I'm going to go down to the moat road and see if I can at least do the dike that the snowplow left so it won't be solid and I'll be able to get through.

I took four pairs of socks on my neck to leave down in the Tipis. I blew an entrance through the snowbank. I’m so glad I did it because it went really cold afterwards and the whole snowbank is a block of ice now. I backed out after getting through the snowbank, and went down to the lower entrance where I blew through that snowbank as well.

I blew through the pathway all the way to the bridge and across the bridge and out bye The altar TP which is going to be the chalk painting TP.

I broke both sheer pins about that time, so ended up driving it in reverse for a while so that I wouldn’t be pushing it into the snow. However, now that I think of it, I never did replace those sheer pins. I got some of the snow out if it. But not all.

Reverse was too slow so I turned it around again and headed along side fiddlehead pond with the snowblower leaning down word so that the bucket was up in the air and not feeling with snow. That was a much easier way to push it along. So I never did love the snow for that area, but I packed it somewhat with the tires, which will give good traction actually. No telling what will happen after the thaw and refeeze.

Meanwhile, Willem was out getting the oil changed in the air filter changed in the older Toyota. I bought a gadget that tells you what the code is and what it means when your engine light comes on. Anyway, it said we had a lien air mixture, and the air filter change was the first thing to do. Sure enough, it ran much more smoothly afterwards. Who would’ve known!

I was done with my snowblowing and bringing the snowblower back up to the house in plenty of time to get there to take care of the grandchildren. So I used that car which has the car seats in it, maybe we should call it the babies car. Or the children’s car.

Anyway, I went over and picked them up and brought them back to the house. She lives her big brother so much!We had a wonderful time together! We brought home salt dough for making Christmas ornaments. Mommy loaned me her cookie cutters so I could make Christmas ornaments.

I made some hand prints of Desmond and of Maya’s hands. I didn’t make two of Desmond, only one I think. But I did both of Mayas hands. They are such sweet little hands those children have! They are just beginning their life of work. Already Maya works with her hands. It’s very interesting to watch them.I found this poncho I. The closet. Anyone claim it?

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