Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I had some good times with the little grandchildren again today.

I meant to be there to let mommy sleep in, but she was up and in the thick of things, so I got to hang out with her and the babes.

It was fun chillin with them at their house for ‘100 minutes’ as Desi wanted. Hr can now count to 100.

At our house Desi did a puzzle in the living room, played with, on and ate the ice on the deck while I strung up Christmas lights.

Maya liked playing upstairs best. Especially riding up and down on my ankles on the chair. Maya with her plate for a pillow. Desi with a silver dooon in his mouth!They found my gourds!They liked carrying the long necked gourds around, calling this one a woodpecker.

I put together the Christmas tree. It’s very pretty. I love pre-lighted trees. It’s not decorated yet though.

I took Daisy to see a place that had 1 million Christmas decorations. Those folks must buy a Santa Claus every year, and a frosty the snowman. It’s unbelievable they’ve got a choir and a whole herd of Santa Claus is, and even 10 little drummers drumming and some tin soldiers. They even have a corral who’s fence posts are made of candy canes and a herd of reindeer in the middle. We drove around the circular driveway so he could see the reindeer in the paddock twice. He is so delighted with Christmas lights on houses. When I take him home now, since sunset is at 4:30, it’s dark when we get home.

Maia fell sleep on the way home. Darn. I should’ve given her a bath

I love playing with those little children! They are so sweet! Willem and I have just been finished the puzzle in the living room. I am impressed with how much she likes to do puzzles, and how good he is at it. It’s made me want to do puzzles now too. I’m ready to put a jigsaw puzzle out somewhere, maybe on the large table.

I drove by the house with a million Santa’s and frosty the snowmen and a herd of reindeer and candy cane fencing. Desi loved it.


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