Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Temple trip

A snowstorm threatened to keep us away from the Temple for yet another week, so Willem decided we should go on Wednesday evening and be there before the snow starts.

We stayed at Linda’s. She’s so much fun. I love spending time with her.

We had hot chocolate when we arrived about 10pm. What a dear friend we have in Linda.

She made us hard boiled eggs for breakfast. With mustard and mayo is the best. They have no snow here!Of course that changed over Thursday night Linda’s tree is so lovely!

Maryjane’s mom died Wednesday evening. She wasn’t told till after the fact.

Prayer meeting at 9:30 Thursday morning, Dec 21, was a Christmas devotional and was held in the chapel with Silent Night and testimonies. It was quite beautiful.

My body worked very well. I spent time doing many different assignments, including standing ones. I was so pleased to see my progress. I’ve found a way to stand so my back doesn’t hurt.

I attended the 1:30 session wherein Willem was officiating. That was a good refresher. I was quite sleepy. We were told in the afternoon prayer meeting at 3:30 for the afternoon shift that we should try to understand every detail of the endowment, not just what’s on the surface.

We went to the temple on Wednesday night after taking the children home and spent Thursday morning afternoon and night in the temple and slept over Wednesday night and Thursday night in Brampton at Linda’s.

Now we were are on our way home. There’s a major storm, Dylan, I guess. It’s dumping lots of snow at home and a bit down here near Toronto. So we’re on the road. Abraham went home while we were gone. I guess the furnace stopped working where he lives and they gave him a ride home. We had turned off the water, And drained the taps. We left the heat on low. Between Grafton and Brighton. I don’t know what happened yet. That’s miles ahead of us. Oh, first of two fire trucks, Lots of vehicles both ways. Then two police cars came by, then two tow trucks. No ambulances so must not be bad, thank heavens.

Pretty scene as we wait anyway.

Truck blocking all lanes as shoulder. The other vehicleAnother mishap We shopped at Chapters in Belleville where there are city stores. Got all the wee ones something. I

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