Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I have realized how very much I have to do to get ready for Christmas!

So today I worked on making Christmas stolen. I did it very slowly, or at least I couldn’t get it warm enough to rise faster. I also forgot to add the water. Now it’s rising, but it’s cool in the air and so it’s cool to the touch. I don’t remember it taking so long to make Christmas stolen before. I seem to have been at it all day. I think it’s because I used coconut oil which solidified as it said on the counter. Then I had to thought out again and I forgot to add water, so of course that meant nothing happened at all.

Anyway, I also made spec your loss, the Dutch cookies and shortbread.

I’ve been standing up baking in the kitchen all day. My back hurts a lot. I didn’t realize how much my back hurt, until I stopped and lay down. I realized I had been dragging a huge ball and chain around all day. You are wonderful

In between these things, I cleared off the ice from the snowblower and remove some grass wrapped around the axle, and change this year pin.

I also hung up a long long string of outdoor lights, connecting them with the others That I put up the other day along with shady deck, and going up over the woodshed across the front and around the other side, around the little cubby area, around The end of the deck, and back along the edge of the deck over the studio, and to the house.

I’m so pleased with all these Christmas lights! I searched around for more Christmas ornaments, and all the Christmas things, but I couldn’t find them under the deck anywhere. I guess I need to search more. I was able to put up the Christmas tree and add some balls and find one basket of more ornaments. I have the ornaments from my moms house. They must all be in a box somewhere. Or more likely, a bin.

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