Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Sunday Christmas Eve

I woke up early, went online for awhile, then went back to sleep and Willem woke us up fifteen minutes before we had to be out the door for church to be there on time.

I was in the middle of a very nice dream. Somehow I did it. I wore what I’d worn at the Temple, so that was clean and presentable, not to mention socially acceptable!

Snow that fell over the last 36 hours lay on everything. Such a lovely place to be. I’m so amazed that this is where I live! If I had two hours to get to church, I could take 200 amazing photos today. Wonderlandish.

I’m using my favourite basket. I never use it. I love it, the thick cedar bark is so lovely. I made a frame from it once. I will finish it sometime.

My scriptures fit in just perfectly. And I can put my phone or my keys in the top little basket.

Church was really nice this morning. We had lots of musical presentations. I’ve not been listening to Christmas music. I’ll have to get my messiah cds out and listen to it tomorrow. I had a very nice time wishing each other merry Christmas and singing lots of Christmas hymns. Those are my favourite hymns I think.

We dropped in on Tisch on the way home, and had a wonderful visit. She doesn’t usually like it when we drop in, or to have drop-in’s. But sometimes I just want to see her so I drop in anyway. After 30 years, I guess she is used to it.

I had on my holey crocks, which lead to wet socks. So I pushed their shovel thru the five inch snow from the end of thevlestimg to the side of her car. I could hear little Hotchie. She’s a sweet little love being.

Tisch’s making the most amazing quilts! I had no idea she was into quilting and sewing. That’s wonderful. I’ve always been impressed by quilting, but never have been able to do it. At least not to my standard of whatever it is. That’s such a cool productive thing to do!

Having projects makes the world go around! Fills the day with something interesting to do. I love accomplishing something like that. Tangible improvements to the world around us. A contribution.

We didn’t do much at home after church but wrap some small things for Alida and jean and the kids. We’re on our way now to Lida’s for family Christmas. How lovely. We brought the toys that we got for the children. I think they’ll have fun with them.

Desmond loved the antlers. He smiled as soon as he put them on his head. He had been up since 3 am and had just had a short nap so he was irritable. But the antlers perked him up. Nick holding Maya was precious. She wanted to watch Spirit, a show about a horse. Rain helped the boys with some masks Being a zebra. Being a tigerDesi went roaring around the guests. The company was exhausted. The twin daddies from cooking, Lida from all that the day involves. The cousins had fun together.

Being a roaring tiger.

The dinner was amazing! Mashed potatoes, turkey and gravy and stuffing, Brussels sprouts, Swede and parsnips and onions, a Julianne fruit salad and eggnog cheesecake.

We didn’t stay too long. I thought maybe Nick and Lida and Jean would have a nice fun evening together if we parents were gone, so after S and B left to care for their animals, and Jeans family left, Willem and I did too.

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