Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Christmas Eve night

When I grew up, Christmas eve was when we got ready for Christmas.

Everything else happened on Christmas. The presents and stockings were opened together as a family in the morning, Christmas stollen was around noon time, after it came out of the oven. and then a big dinner later on. My mother worked all day and night to produce those amazing Christmases for us. I never realized at the time what she went through.

I’m sitting outside on the deck, so grateful for this place. I really love the deck. I love being able to come out here and sit in the night and see the stars. If there are any stars. I don’t see any out tonight. However, I think that storm that supposed to come is moving in already.

Nick said their mom has the flu so there’s no get together over there for Christmas Eve tonight. That’s too bad. But it seems, everyone has a second family to go to, his parents or her parents. When I raised my kids we never had anywhere other than at home. Both our families were worlds away.

Christmas was so much fun. It was the best time. I think that what was made so good was all the giftgiving. I love giving things to people. I always love the smile on their face. People don’t generally give you a smile like that at other times. But when they are accepting a part of your heart, a well thought out gift, it brings out a different thing in people and appreciation for the other person’s care.

I think the idea not to give gifts to each other is not a good idea. I think that we should all give gifts to each other, only they should be made or bought at the dollar store. Some small token of our love for each other. It should be no more than a few dollars per person. That’s my thoughts anyway.

But you know what I can do, even when there’s no giftgiving, I can make goodies. Of course most people don’t eat a lot of sweets anymore, but I can still me make Christmas stolen!

I still haven’t dug out the Messiah to listen to. Willem brought out to him books tonight and we sat on the couch upstairs and saying the hymns in the book. 200 is the number of the first Christmas song, and the rest follow. I love those hymns. I used to watch the pageant at church. We were in it most of the time. They stop doing it when their became so few people that could do it.

That was when we had a lot of large families of children in the church. They’ve all grown up and moved so now we don’t have the same amount of youth and children.

I was called to be the nursery leader today. I’m so excited! This would be so much fun getting to know this little children. I think I will have a different view of things this time, as I won’t already be stressed from taking care of my own children, or spiritually in need of relief society and Sunday school.

I love being a temple worker. I love feeling the presence of Jesus Christ in the temple. It was so good to go there for two days this week. I really loved spending so much time there and preparing for Christmas spiritually. I really didn’t think about anything about Christmas until after that. So yesterday put up the tree and I’m so glad I found it at the recycle centre with all the lights and paraphernalia. Otherwise, I’m not sure where Christmas tree is. Maybe it’s in a plastic bag under the front deck. I don’t know.

I never did find a nativity scene that I could afford. I would love one of those big ones that stand on the deck. I think they would be wonderful. But I don’t think that’s happening unless I can make one out of chicken wire in papier-mâché. Anyway, I have something of that sort in the Christmas packages.

It was nice to be invited over by Alida’s family. There were lots of people over and lots of noise. The food was great. I love my family.

Abe didn’t go with us, he was quite content to continue with what he was working on.

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