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Nancy Today

Merry Christmas!

Last night I didn’t do any preparing for Christmas, except bake the last four loaves of Christmas stollen.

Hey, I had a great idea. If I put the loaf on the burner to rise, on the glass surface itself, and then I turn the burner on just until it turns red, leave it on for a second, then turn it off, it helped the bread rise. It’s not like that for the dough, however. The devil wants to be warm. It’s easy to see when it’s not warm enough, because the coconut butter solidifies. I mean the coconut oil.. I’m used to a cold house. I don’t mind it. I have my many many layers and my blankets I wear. So none of that matters to me.

You know, when I want to sit and relax, I sit outside. Doesn’t matter the weather. Well, when it’s windy I don’t want to sit outside, or if it’s raining. But if it’s snowing it’s great.

So this morning I got up and came downstairs to find 5 inches of new snow. I had no idea we were getting so much last night. Anyway, I looked out on the balcony, from the great upper room, and saw I had a shovel just outside outside the door. I am so glad that Nancy yesterday prepared for Nancy tomorrow, so Nancy Today has blessings I wouldn’t normally have. I’m glad I put shovels by the doors. I’m glad I have big cushions on my chairs, or near the doors of my house where I go outside to sit in chairs and shoes by each door so I can just exit to a chair.

I have a chair on the Square Sunny view deck overlooking the pompas grass and the Valley and the view. This I used to call the sun trap. I used to have to go all the way through the woodshed and shovel the path and walk around the woodshed and then clear off my wooden Adirondack chair, which was way too low for winter, and sit there to soak in the sun. Otherwise, I didn’t really go outside too much. There were no easy paths. I had to use snowshoes.

So as a gift to Abe, and cos I don’t want to lose the balcony to snow, I shovelled the upstairs balcony over the sunroom roof, enough for Abraham to stand outside when he smokes.

However, his boots were full of snow and they were sitting on the balcony. Poor fellow. So I took a picture, and dumped them out and put them upside down, inside.

He really loves the bedroom upstairs, and the upper room. He has my reclining chair where he makes himself comfortable. He adapts well to the ever-changing rooms of our house, and the bedrooms situation, and where he goes when he’s outside.

I didn’t go outside where I couldn’t push the snow off the balcony, but only move some of it out if the way of the doorway.

I came down and looked out each door to find one with a shovel just outside. The Living Room-woodshed shed door, or the the middle living room sliding glass door goes out onto the deck which is just a few steps from the woodshed.

So I shovelled with Willem‘s blue, crooked-handled many-position snow shovel across and pushed the snow through the deck railing down below around the studio.

I just kept pushing snow in lines, or chunks and watching it drop down into the valley by the pottery studio.

I did that for probably an hour. Maybe not quite. I ended up with the shady deck and part of the woodshed deck and the suntrap corner cleaned off.

I just shoved it to the edge and over. I think it would be fun for the children to sled from right there on the deck. I think I would like to sled from there.

I shovelled off part of the shady deck as well.

I don’t suppose it would ever be smart to go sledding again. At least not unless the snow is very deep. There is too much risk of injuring myself. I never worried about these things before, but my dad always said I was accident prone. I didn’t really know what that meant.

So I’m sitting here in my chair on the cushions on the summer outdoor diningroom furniture, overlooking the round table with the feeder in it and the chickadees coming back-and-forth. The Deerfeed hasn’t been eaten yet.

It doesn’t smell very sweet. I think the smell of molasses what draws them. How does that go, the eagle saw at the bear smelled it and the deer herd it. How good is the dears smell, is it better than I would imagine?

You know when I come out side my phone eventually dies. In this cold. It’s good to stick it in something warm and then just dictate.

The wind has been from the east for the past couple of days. So now the sun trap Jack is out of the wind. There’s a ridge of drift around the corners of the house. I think the east wind is worse on us now because there’s the swath of trees missing from the hillside. The wind can just rush out that Corredor now. Oh well.

So it’s Christmas Day. I bought a few things for Abe from the dollar store,, Candy, a notebook, a lighter holder, and maybe something else little. Anyway, he still likes getting presents on Christmas. For me, Christmas is a time reflecting. I love the Saviour so much. I’m so grateful that I have to do is repent and I never have to be burdened with any of the things I’ve done before. I can’t believe what he suffered for me. It’s too much to fathom. And yet there he was, suffering for billions of people. I don’t know how possibly have listed such pain. I guess that’s why he bled from every pore. I have a little statue of him and praying in the garden, the part of the atonement that makes so much difference to me, and I put it under the tree. I feel like, is the greatest gift, and so since gifts go under there, that’s where it should be. But then when I walked by and saw it sitting on the floor under the tree, no tree skirt or presence around it, and it looked like the wrong place for the king of kings to be put. I think you should be moved to the piano. But he is my nativity.

I heard Willem inside talk to Abe, and thought about going inside, but it’s just not

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