Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Quiet Christmas

I never knew Christmas Day could be so nice with the carols on the radio as well as the Messiah.

I spent the day baking the Christmas Stollen for S. the other one was eaten by mistake!

I also made cookie press cookies. I made a video while I did it. Then another one. But I didn’t do much of demonstrating the recipe. Oh well.

It was nice to make cookie press cookies. The door was very easy to handle and went in and through the cookie press with no problem at all.

All this baking has made my body hurt. Perhaps it’s not the making of it but the eating all the sugar and the flower. Likely so. I’ve been taking ibuprofen now and then to make the information go away.

S and B came over after dark, after the chickens roost. We had a lovely time having hot chocolate and shortbread and Christmas stollen.

We played scrabble with my rules. Leniency is my motto. No effort goes unrewarded!

Not every word can fit on that board with its finite number of

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