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Boxing Day Tuesday


The alarm woke me up around six, to turn off the oven cos I baked the turkey overnight in the oven, because it said that the frozen stuff turkey needed seven hours.

So that worked out fine. Except I didn’t put aluminum foil to shield the stuffing. Drat. So anyway, I guess I’ll make stuffing to go with it. I think the stuffing for 7 1/2 hours burnt.

Chair in the family room.

I replaced the wood pile under my chair, with a proper box. I created the box using a 2 x 10 x 8. I cut it into 42 foot pieces, then screw them all together this morning. Are used piece of half-inch plywood left over from the panel box wall, the one that George put in front of the wires to tidy up the room. Or maybe that was less.

I made all that noise with my impact drill while everyone was asleep. Such a A kind of mother I am!

Anyway, I didn’t take a picture of it yet. Then, having a perfect box for the chair, so the chairs now too high, if anything.

I moved it in front of the French doors. I also have cushions on the floor in front of the door to keep the cold air out.

It was -22 at the house this morning. But 10 minutes away it’s only -17. No wonder it was cold!


I was able to use the web upload her to upload my videos from my little old iPod, the one that was Willem‘s forever, and get them up onto YouTube.

I’m so glad I got them up. I got rid of all my 15 second videos from my phone yesterday, by uploading them to YouTube and deleting them.

However, the YouTube creator is now gone. I suppose it had gotten too full of data. Anyway, I don’t have a proper way to splice all these little videos together, anymore. I don’t knowStore password. That’s my big hang out. My account got locked because I tried so many times, but when I try to go to I, it doesn’t load the page.


Abe wanted to go home today, so I am driving him home before we go to Ottawa. I always enjoy our drives together. He’s very quiet like Willem, so I don’t get a lot of conversation, unlike hanging out with Mary Jane!


Oh my goodness the purse polar bear plunge is coming up! Can you imagine! I know it’s a big deal to do it, and if I were from Russia, I will probably have done it every year of my life. However, I am not from Russia. I’m from Georgia. I think I’m doing pretty well with the winters. I really love being out in the very cold weather. I didn’t get the mulch Road, track with trail, cloud. I need to get gas for the lawn Mauer. I mean the snowblower.


I’m so glad I made such a lot of cookies, shortbreads actually. Now I can drop some off at peoples homes. I’m going to stop at Deborah‘s on the way back and leave them. If they’re away for the holidays, then I’ll just leave them there. I should take some to all the sisters I visit.

There’s so many things that I could do that are good, that I don’t do. I just don’t get around to it. However, a woman was carrying lots of Christmas packages, so I stopped to invite her to a ride. When it’s -17, it’s pretty darn cold to be walking.

Oh look, it’s -15 now. The sun is shining, a little clouds here and there. I think the cloud cover is going to come in though. I’m so glad I have a snowblower. It is so wonderful to be able to clean the driveway and not have to watch Willem out there chancing a heart attack.

You know, 2017, being the 150th anniversary of Canada, Took advantage of the parks being free this year. Some of them said that they Ontario Parks we’re not free. But others said they were. So anyway, I spent a lot of time this year dropping in at provincial Parks and going for walks or drive through the campsites. I love the smell of campfire’s.

Speaking of campfires, I miss having campfires. I guess I need to put a proper door closing on the yard TB, and C if I can start making fires down there. There’s a lot of good pressure treated wood being stored down there at the moment. That’s what happened in the other cheapie. It filled up with all sorts of scrap wood as well.

It’s so nice to see the sunshine. It’s such a blessing. Scarlett says that in Germany the sun rarely shines all year. There are clouds and rain and dampness and dreary weather. But she says that here in Canada we get lots of sun in the winter.

Even though for me, the amount of sun we get in the winter and in on him, is not as much as I like. I have SAD, seasonal affective disorder. It’s a real thing. You get depressed if you don’t get enough light.

It’s amazing how light it is up in the upper room, well how Jim it is in the living room. I always thought it was dark in the living room because of the cathedral ceiling being brown. But now, I think the sun just doesn’t hit At the right angle.

I just love the position of my green chair now. I love looking into the for trees I planted in the yard, and seeing the TP down there.

When I did the porch yesterday, I didn’t do the steps to the TP, because I thought perhaps it would be nice to sled down the stairs, with all that snow packed on it

I would like to put a rope between the studio door and the railing to the porch. It would be nice to be able to hold onto rope to get down there easily. I don’t trust the stairs, because as soon as they were shovelled off the other day, they became icy. I see steps are not very good.

Did I tell you my new idea? It is making painting shadows on trees when the sun is shining on them. So, when the sunshine‘s on the tree and makes dark shadows, lines from other trees and branches, if I were to paint those black on the tree trunk, then it would look like it’s a sunny day. The sunny day changes the shadows. There are no shadows when the sun is behind the clouds. Just a thought.

In there there was a beautiful birch tree on the Fenceline. I don’t usually see birches as Fenceline trees. I think I like birches because the park is white, and therefore they stand out.

I can’t believe what a wonderful time I had yesterday, enjoying the weather outside and watching the birds. I’d like to attract the deer. I don’t think this food smells much. I think I need to get some with my molasses in it.

I put one bowl on the newly cleaned off deck near the downstairs bedroom door, and another bowl near the clothesline post on the other corner of the deck. I think I will put out more bowls, so that the smell of feed is stronger. Scarlett said that deer can smell food to feed beneath their feet in the snow. That’s pretty amazing! They must be able to smell the feed at our house. We’ve had quite a few Blue Jays now. They like to come and eat theFood on sunrise hilltop to your café.

Scarlett Scott to beautiful deer coming to her feeders. I think she’ll probably have about 15 in no time. Are used to have as many as 12. But most recently, especially last year when there was no snow for so long, I didn’t feed them for a long time in the winter, but Scarlett fed them. They started coming and kept coming all the rest of winter.

I really want to get outside and go for a long walk. I haven’t been able to do that lately. I think that eating too much sugar and flour is caused my body to have more pain than usual. That’s not good. I need my walks.

As you know, when you get down to the river, the Saint Lawrence, and parts Norris for a certain amount, there isLand that is flat. I really love the Knowles back in the hills. It’s so beautiful where we live. I love seeing the snow through the woods., But down here it’s so flat and open, well not quite flat. Rolling.

We stopped at Deborah‘s house and dropped off some shortbread cookies, the cookie press cookies I made.

Nobody came to the door, so I left them on the car, and put our name in the from box on the little label.

I haven’t had very much success dropping in and visiting with those guys. I guess as with everyone, we all have our issues with our health and our work schedules.

I also didn’t visit teach Diane or Judy lately.

I must get myself on a schedule and keep to it.

It’s too bad she wasn’t home, or that they didn’t hear the door. I saw a pathway to the front door after going to the back door in the garage, but realized when I was on the path, that that’s the dogs path, where he just gets out of the house and goes back in.So I got my crocs full of snow.

I did the unthinkable, and went to Walmart. I forgot boxing day was a big day for stores. I wanted to find a nativity scene. No such luck. I did find a nice white tablecloth I can use on the round table so.

I also got a vinyl covered one for the long table in the living room, so nothing will scratch the table. Kind of late for that, though. I like using the black rubber mat. That keep keeps the tools and such from touching the table.

Why is it that I couldn’t find a nativity scene at Walmart? Do they not sell them anymore? I think it’s pretty important.

I also bought a TV at Walmart. They were half price, so 168. I know, I really don’t need one, and it would just be nice. Willem and I could put it on the wall and watch together.

I got home and picked up everything and got changed and headed back out, this time to Ben’s with Willem.

I’m so glad the roads are clear today. There was no snow or any problems driving. Actually, yesterday it was supposed to be terrible, but the snow had finished by the time the sun rose. Anyway, we had a great time coming in and being with Ben’s family. I brought the TV that I had bought earlier and Ben help me set it up. He showed us how to use it and we downloaded an app onto my phone so that I can use it like a control remote.

I don’t know where we will put this, however, it will be great to have it.

We went to Parliament Hill, following Ben‘s family, and went to the eternal flame. It looks like it’s not water, but gas or something flammable that is flowing down from the eternal flame. I suppose it’s recirculating water, however. Willem says it could be water was a little bit of alcohol in it. I smelled the propane as well.

Mount light show shown a video onto the Parliament buildings, sort of showing showing the seasons with leaves and then snow falling down on the Parliament buildings.

It was bitterly cold, -14+ a windshield as well. I was totally lost most of the time. I was the one driving, and we went into a parking garage that I remember, but I have no idea how we entered it, and when we came out facing the other direction, I was so turned around I had no idea where we were. I get mixed up downtown Ottawa sometimes, because there are so many road so I’m not sure of. I suppose if I had to work downtown, and had a marker point, I would probably remember the names of the streets.

I brought our turkey, and we nibbled on it, instead of having a big meal. I didn’t really want to big meal. It was nice.

It was really cold outside for our little grandson. He was a real trooper though. He doesn’t like loud noises, so though, so anything loud bothers him. There was music along with the light show at Parliament Hill, so he didn’t like that. I’m not used to children that don’t like loud noises. It’s nice. That means they don’t make loud noises either! Bonus!

He is so sweet, he hugs me and calls me grandma and wants me to sit on the floor beside him when he’s playing. I really enjoyed him. I’m so glad we had time together on our trip.

I’ve been having a terrible time trying to settle set up my Apple ID. I had no idea it was going to another email address, which is why I never found the reset password emails. But Ben help me out. He’s always been my computer whiz.

I guess most of my friends have a child that is a computer whiz that helps him with everything.

I still can’t upload onto YouTube from my little iPod. It locked my account because my account didn’t recognize the device. And I think it also locked my YouTube account, but I ended up ReeseResetting the password the other day, or at least remembering it, and it still won’t work on that device. There are so many things going on here, it’s just too confusing for me. And every time you forget a password, instead of letting you know what your password is, they make you pick a new one. So if you have a bad memory, it is compounded by having many more than one password to remember.

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