Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Cold cold cold Wednesday

-30C or -22F at home at 9am

We slept downstairs so I could watch the deer if they came in the night, when the light would turn on automatically; I love that the lights do that!

We had two comforters with sheets on each side and between them. We were warm under the covers, though.

This morning, when I put my feet on the floor, it was really cold! I needed my socks on immediately! Time to put the rugs back down.

Mj’s ‘s mother died before Christmas, and today is the wake and funeral. It’s a few hours away, so we have to leave early

Willem got up first and stoked the woodstove. He turned off and drained the water in the basement. I feel more secure when the water is not in the pipes when it’s -30! And we will be away for a few hours.

We left the electric heaters on. We won’t be gone long; we should be home by dark. But with temperatures like -30 in the daytime, it’s pretty darn cold. When it’s so cold like this, and we go away, the house is much colder, because the woodstove gives off so much heat when it’s on.

The coldness gets into the walls and the floors and takes a long time to come back out and heat up. We left more heaters on this time than usual. Maybe it won’t be so cold later, that way.

We’re supposed to have this cold weather for a week. It’s not supposed to have gotten to -30 last night, but only to -20/8. It was -27c win the deer came last night.

Those deer looked enormously fat, because of how puffed out there for was. It’s interesting how there for pups out automatically to keep them warm. Maybe it’s like goosebumps, when we get goosebumps it changes the angle of the hairs coming out of her pores. Perhaps goosebumps changes the angle of the hair coming out of the hair follicles on a deer. I don’t know, I’m just imagining. Hypothesizing.

Desmond has an earache this morning. Poor little fellow. Poor Alida, she just looks so dragged over the rocks. Motherhood is a pretty difficult thing when children are sick.

I used to put olive oil in their ears when they would have earaches. It would immediately put them to sleep. I think it was Abraham and Alida and Virginia that had the earaches. Daniel a bit.

-17 on the 401.

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