Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

My BFf Mj

We’re on our way home from Trazna’s memorial. It wasn’t a celebration of life. Where each of the kids would give a talk, but rather it was a traditional Anglican memorial service, complete with the whole congregation, Traznas friends. ! It was nice to be in a group of Christians. Seem to be few and far between, when I’m not at church. I realized that when I was looking for a nativity scene.

Maryjane is so much like her mom. She makes all those jams and preserves, knots and crochets, dresses to the nines at times, is a fabulous housekeeper and is very generous and loving.

It was good to meet Mj’s family. What a great person she is. It was good to see Michael and all their children.

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